July 2009


by Lisa on July 31, 2009

Well let me say right of the bat i don’t know why my young ones got this freaky ass idea but it’s growing on me little by little.. and just let me say i mean the little stuff is a good way of describing my whole fuckin situation these crazy ass things want me to go out and find a bunch of fucking midgets to have a ball with and you know its sounding really hott to my horny ass right about now.. So where in the hell am i going to find these little mother-fuckers? well lets see i have a friend that could possibly help me out once over at her house we head out to a part of town where all the freakin midgets are and let me tell you they were everywhere so we pull over and go inside this bar and by the time we left my car had as many as i could fit in there lets just say six midgets and when we got back to my house those little fuckers went wild damn they give good fucks let me tell you those horny little fuckers had my cunt so sore big cocks very big and my family really enjoyed it.. cum play with us!!


I just got home from visiting a domme daddy of mine here locally who always makes our playtime a blast for me. Tonight was no exception.

He had one of his other female subs there and dominated us together. The fun thing about it is he gave us the opportunity to earn a reprieve from him causing us too much pain. He told us that we were to make out with each other and fuck each other with strapons and eat each other out and if we made it nasty and hot enough for him to enjoy then he wouldn’t be too horribly cruel to us when we were done. I love a challenge.

So me and his other sub put on one hot show for him. Licking each other until we both squirted. We held each others cum in our mouths and went over and gave daddy a big kiss. Then we strapped on our huge dicks and pounded each others little bald cunnies. She was one mean bitch with that strapon and had me screaming at the top of my lungs. I swear it felt like she was pounding up in my uterus.

Needless to say our show was so good he didnt torture us too bad. Just a little nipple torture while we gave him a good blowjob together. The grand finale was him shooting his load all over our faces and us cleaning up the mess. Was definitely a good and pleasurable evening.


I call my boyfriend and he hears me moan while we are talking and asks me what I am doing. I tell him I am fucking my drug dealer tyrone because I want to get high and his cheap ass didn’t give me any money this morning. So as I am fucking my drug dealer I hear my boyfriend starting to grunt and moan and ask him what he is doing. He tells me he is so turned on knowing I am fucking someone else. I am like wtf? You sick fuck, how can you be turned on knowing another man is pounding my pussy? He says he can’t help it.

So I start tormenting him on the phone and telling him exactly how Tyrone is fucking me. How he is totally pounding my cunt hard and fast. Of course my boyfriend nutts a huge load at the same time as Tyrone! I wonder if he will suck all of Tyrones cum out of me when I get home?

Great call babe, as usual! :-)



by Tabbi on July 30, 2009

Last nite was so much fun for a nasty cum drinker like me let me just say i got filled up really good and all the gooey stinky stuff was good also. Lets just say i was up to my eye-balls in the creamy stuff and it felt so fucking good and you know how much i love to taste it my mouth was just waiting for it and i swallowed every drop and wanted more i love the feel of it all in my hair and yes please rub it on my juicy clit… yummy!! The guy’s really know what turns me on and getting freaky with them is what i love to do and when i wet them real good they go fucking crazy!! and they drink every drop!! and i love quinching their thirst…


WANTED: Sadistic Master

by nichole on July 30, 2009

Let’s face it. i have been with men that are wimps. Men that cannot handle me. A submissive slut like me needs a Master, a dirty, nasty, sadistic Master! Someone who demands obedience from me. A man who will use me, then pass me around to His friends; telling them what a good whore i am. A Master who will use me, objectify me, torture me. A Master who loves making me grovel at His feet, begging for His cum. Want to get my pussy dripping wet? Tell me just what a dirty whore i am, call me bitch, make me beg for the pain i crave. Are YOU man enough to be my Master?


Daddys dirty princess

by Kara on July 28, 2009

I just love being the princess that my stepdaddy craves. He has taught me all the dirty words that trigger his cock swelling even more. He says that men love a dirty slut and that his goal is to turn me in to the dirtiest slut known to man. I have learned that using my little girl voice to tease my stepdad and my little girlie body to please daddy is what makes his hard cock squirt loads of oooey gooey cum for me. Making daddy cum good is always a good thing because then he is more perceptive to spoiling his little girl just the way I like it.


My son & daughter love to play nasty

by robin on July 28, 2009

Sweet young cock and pussy have got to be the best thing every created. Something about stealing innocence turns me on beyond belief. A young hard eager cock aching for a mommy to wrap her lips around it, or a sweet and tender young cunnie wanting a mommy and her boyfriend to play with it. In fact how about a Saturday morning family fun session? Me, you, my son and daughter all cuddled up in the big kings sized bed having lots of nasty fun. My daughter has already been taught to be the best little cock-suckin whore ever. My son of course can be mommys little pussy licking slut, or perhaps we should turn him in to a cocksucking fagboy. Either way, lets make it as nasty and devious as possible!



by Lisa on July 28, 2009

Wow the trip out to the country and the farm was fucking fantastic!! my family and i had a really interesting time out there. We got to experiance sooo many naughty things and we truly learned a lot of sick and twisted things to share with each other and i freakin loved it. So lets just say we are all very satisfied and completely drained and we can’t wait until our next trip out there.. my cunt has been worked over and over and it feels so very good to me and i know my kids had a good time as well my son and i did some really freaky things togeather and yes we did include my daughters they learned a lot of new tricks and they plan on teaching all their new tricks to their friends. Well before i forget let me tell you all about the horse cock it was soo fucking huge and my mouth still feel pretty numb from all that sucking and my swollen cunt is so sore and to top it all off my son did all he could to make me cum over and over again so as you can see i have lots of interesting stories to tell cum on call me i can’t wait to share my visit with you.. i’m sure you will get a rise out of it..HAHA ..I’M WAITNG!!!


~Phone Sex with Sexy SWITCH Ramsey~

by Ramsey on July 27, 2009

Have you ever known you wanted something a little different but you weren’t sure exactly what you wanted. Like I have a taste for something sweet, but I don’t know if I want a mint or some chocolate. Phone sex with a sexy switch like me is the best of all phone sex. One day you can be Dominate and make me do whatever you wish and the next day you can be a little submissive piggy, doing everything I wish for you to do, everything from licking my purrfect ass to sucking my awesome tit’s. Theirs no need to ever get bored with phone sex, fuck you can get that at home LOL! This time together should be exciting and taboo, we do things that your GF or wife would never do! Nasty, Taboo, Filthy things. The cool thing about being with a switch is that I am a Mistress who will fuck you and suck your cock, you don’t find that every day of the week, if at all! So give me a ring and lets do this thing! Raunchy Sexy Switch Ramsey


Cum spank my little girlie cunnie

by kira on July 26, 2009

Perhaps I am not like all the other girls, but I am happy being how I am. My friend tells me that I shouldn’t be so willing to cater to men, or be submissive. That I need to be a real woman and stand up for myself. I don’t think she really understands what being submissive means. I have pride, I am strong. I wouldn’t let anyone be abusive towards me. I am submissive because I enjoy being controlled. It is a natural thing for me. That doesn’t make me any less of a woman. In fact I think it makes me an even better woman. One that accepts how she is, embraces it and submits to have my needs fulfilled.

Nothing makes me feel better than a man that knows how to control me. How to bend me to his will. Patiently pushing me to limits I have never experienced before sexually. Especially an older man, a dirty daddy can definitely have his way with me. Cum spank your little girls cunnie and bend me to your evil will daddy!