June 2009


by Tabbi on June 30, 2009

Damn i forgot to call my boss and find out what time we leave for Vegas yes that’s right i have been invited to travel with my boss and his top execs to a week-end in las Vegas and it is sure to be a real fuckin good time. And if it turns out the way i want it will be a hell of a cock-sucking cunt licking good time my boss is always trying to get in my panties and this week-end i just might let him cause i am really horny and so full of creamy cum and i want to fuck myself out of this boredom!!! These guy’s are all really hot lookin and i would love to spray my golden wetness all over them and let them lick my nice tight little shit hole so if you want to join us cum on the more the merrier!!! cum get me if u can.. lol lol


ATOGM ok students anyone know what this means??? Well my caller D, the famous ATM call taught me what it means LOUD N CLEAR! He used my little girl to show me. He fucked her ass and stuck it in MY mouth, BINGO baby ass to OTHER girls mouth, yummmmm. My kids taste like candy, as alot of you already know. So many Pedos so little time. Thanks for that hot call D and I am looking so forward to the next time! He is one guy who knows how to make the most of the situation!
So Mommy got to be a “dirty niece Debbie” today. Uncle called and told me how he really feels about me while he was rubbing suntan oil on my legs and back. I of course reciprocated his feelings, I have been lusting after his older Uncle cock since I was a naughty little teen, you knew that huh Uncle C? You were a sexy motherfucker on our call and made me cum like a mutherfucker!
I want you Shane! Call my fine ass and tell me how it’s going. Greg too, I know I was on a call when you IM’d baby, but I need to talk about your daughters and I have some sexy shit to show and tell. :)
Call me and fuck, or lets talk about some younger cunt to fuck.


Submissive Nichole

by nichole on June 28, 2009

My day has been filled with one WANKER after another. Are there any REAL men out there that have the balls it takes to be a real DOM? I love being submissive but I will NOT be taken advantage of. A real Dom knows how to treat his sub and it certainly isn’t by having her waste her time on fuckwads who think subs have nothing to do but sit and play their silly games. I am looking for a REAL man! A real DOM. So if you are MAN enough to handle a beautiful, feisty submissive, pick up the phone and i will serve you well.


Bar Slut for Hard Cock Fun

by Ginger on June 27, 2009

I am your friendly barslut Ginger. I love cock. Sucking and fucking. I am always on the prowl. Last night I had a great time I was out with a girlfriend and we hooked up with some construction workers. We were up all night long drinking, and having all kinds of kinky sex. It was fucking awesome. Tonight I am staying in. But I would love to get off with you on the phone. I have all kinds of toys and all night to get off with you over and over again. I am into anything as long as we can both get off. NO taboos, no restrictions, Anything Goes. Won’t you help me out tonight. I need to cum real bad over and over again and again. Call me baby.
Your Slut Ginger


I sucked off my nephew this morning…

by robin on June 25, 2009

I think I am slowly turning in to a real pervert working here at Purrfect! Things I never thought would turn me on are keeping my pussy wet and ready all the time.

Family fun has become my new passion, yes indeed. I have had so many fantasy calls about it I am becoming obsessed with it. So today I decided to do something about it. I mean that is the whole reason for having fantasies is to make them cum true, right?

I decided to let my little nephew be my victim. School is out for summer vacation and he asked if he could do something to earn some money so I let him cum mow my lawn. Mmmmmm did he look so cute and sexy out there with his tank top and shorts on pushing that lawnmower. I told him the riding mower was broke just so I could watch him push instead. Yeah I know, that was mean. I don’t regret it though because my sat there in my little lounger on the patio and rubbed my cunt nice and slow while watching him mow. By time he got done I was in a frenzy with need for his young cock.

I didn’t even try to hide the fact that I was rubbing my pussy when he walked up, I just kept slowly rubbing it through my panties, skirt pulled up around my waste and blouse unbuttoned. His mouth was wide open in shock and I asked him had he never seen a pussy before? He said yes he had, but never expected to see his aunt’s like this. I asked him if he had ever licked a pussy before and he told me know. Well it is time that you learned, don’t you think? He nodded yes quite eagerly, and the fun began.

I had him on his knees sucking on my wet cunt for a very long time while I grinded my hips and fucked his tongue with my pussy. I had a huge orgasm all over his face, and then decided to return the favor. Taking that very young cock in my mouth just sent chills through me. I was worried it might be too small for me to enjoy but my nephew was packing a nice big one. Smooth and tight young balls, my mouth was in heaven. He didn’t last long at all when I was sucking him off, but that’s OK because I enjoyed every moment of it, and his sweet young cum was good to the very last drop.

I definitely think I will be exploring this family fun concept a lot more.



by Lisa on June 23, 2009

Mmm i’m the kind of mom that gets really involved with her off-springs. Yes i fucking love to teach my girls how to give a man what he craves!! they are such good little learners and they are so eager to please. And my son can’t seem to get a girl because he is too busy licking mommy’s cunt and he loves it and of course i let him every chance i get yummy!!! well i guess you are saying this family is really fucked up and you are so right we fuck each other whenever we want and it’s always tasty. my mom and daddy taught me well so all i’m doing is following tradition and my girls and my son are having the time of their lives and they always bring over plenty of their friends to party with us all the time and they always leave satisfied we love having them over and they do cum alot..wink wink.. so if you want to be a part of my nice little family cum join us we will be waiting!!!


I am ready to “fry” and “fukk”!

by Krystal on June 20, 2009

I just got back from a couple days out of town and I am in desperate need of a good mindfuck. That hot kind of call that gives a whole new meaning to “taboo”. I have some of the real good “medicine”, and lots of it.

I just put my little ones to bed, they are sleeping in their cute little pajamas, looking so sweet and innocent. Perhaps while I am over here frying my fukkin brains out I will let you sneak in and wake them up with a “big” and “hard” surprise! They both love surprises~! Fuck I am so horny, maybe I will help you. My cunt gets soaking wet making them do whatever I want them to do. Both of them love sucking cock for mommy. In fact, I believe in putting a little fear in them so they love doing whatever mommy might want them to do. They both know the repercussions of not being obedient will not be nice.

So I have a stockpile of lighters and medicine and I am fukkin ready to play nasty….you are nasty too right? Give me a call!



by Tabbi on June 20, 2009

Tonite is going to be a fucking freaky exciting nite for me. I have decided to invite my friends to come over for the week-end and party with me and when they get here it will be so much nasty shit going on and i hope i am in the middle of all that good gushy stuff. I want to wrap my moist juicy pussy lips around all those hard throbbing cocks and Mmm i just have to swallow lots of creamy cum down my throat. and if you want to cum on by you are certainly welcome!!! wink.. wink.. call me!!!!


New mommy on the Purrfect block…

by robin on June 19, 2009

I never thought it was possible to be this damn horny. Silly me, I thought being a phone sex seductress would calm down my horniness a bit. No such luck. I think that the last 2 days of working here at Purrfect phone sex has made me twice as horny as I was. You guys are fucking nasty, just the way I like it. I swear ever since my divorce I have turned in to a nymphomaniac and my cunt is screaming for release every minute of the day. Hopefully having you dirty boys to play with will help keep my pussy nice and happy.

When I got divorced my vanilla sex world was over. Right after I walked out of the courtroom I went to the nearest bar and let the first decent guy I seen pick me up and take me home. I assumed it would be a normal every day screw, but boy was I surprised. That day I was introduced to my first dose of really nasty fun. When I took my panties off he grabbed them and started rubbing his dick with them and begging mommy to turn him in to my personal dirty stroker. He introduced me to a fantasy that to this day is an obsession with me, fucking my own son. A few months ago I actually finally did exactly that for real. My son has a strong young cock and I have now enjoyed many hours of draining his balls. Unfortunately he is away at college now, so I am turning to you guys to help me satisfy my dirty mommy cravings. Cum get wicked with the nastiest and sluttiest mommy imaginable.


Sucked the balls right out of his cock!

by Reanna on June 17, 2009

Sweet baby boy Charlie got a super reward for all the hard work he put in on his term paper. Mommy took her sweet boy’s pants down and worked long and hard on his throbbing cock. I sucked the balls right out of his cock! We had a very nice long evening together and I taught him SO many ways to fuck a nice tight pussy. He came long and hard and was absolutely delicious. Needless to say, he’s working extra hard now to make sure to keep those grades up!! Need a reward? Treat yourself to me. This Milf does your body good.