April 2009

Beauty is only a light switch away…..

by daisy on April 30, 2009

If wifey went out or maybe she’s not home yet OR if your single then beauty is only a phone call away. Hi everyone, it has been a while since I have taken some time out to blog. I got sick. NO it wasn’t swine flu, or anything strange like that, which I read swine flu is giving pigs a bad rap. Pork sales are down crazy poor lil piggies, or maybe that’s good for the lil piggies but bad for those swine flu carrying pig farmers hahaha.
I have been up to the same ole stuff. Doing lots of calls where guy’s want to talk about kiddie cunt, either my kids or some fantasy kids. I hear all that and it is sexy! We talk about everything from molesting girls and boys to SNUFF. It seems like doing the underage girl brings out some violent fantasies in some men….. I don’t mind, it’s fun and I am along for the ride, and I will do it all with them, ANYTHING. They seem to love it when Mommy helps them force my little ones into doing simply unspeakable acts, but nothing is unspeakable over the phone.
Did you know you have the right and we love to nurture it, to talk about ANYFUCKINGTHING you can imagine. It doesn’t matter if your fantasy is illegal in 10 states, we are non judgmental fuck whores and we love to play with any fantasy you have. Our privacy policy is fucking bullet proof, there’s no one any where that will ever find out anything about what we do on our conversations…. not unless YOU tell them ;)
I have been surfing the internet a lot with my callers lately. We go to those little non nude model sites. We pick out young girls to fantasize about, men are so very visual they cum so fucking hard after a nasty pre-teen that they can see the face and body of, sucks them off while Mommy listens and masturbates with encouraging words, Mommy cums like crazy too. I love the thought of a guy jerking it in front of the pc, looking at young tender cunt, while I am saying the nastiest, foul, shit in their ears they have ever imagined. I can cum up with some shit too, so fucking off the “normal sex” grid I can’t even write it out here. LMAO
Let’s get wicked nasty, and do the things you have only dreamed about, let’s put words to it and chat it out while we both masturbate, we can make each other nut all over the fucking place, and in our fantasy some lil tweenie can clean it up. hahaha


Cock sucking daughter 4 sale!

by Krystal on April 30, 2009

Guys are always asking me what I WON’T do for krack. So I decided to make up a list. So here we go.


Ok so my list is fuckin blank, do you get the point? There is NOTHING I won’t do for my medicine. My 2 little ones? They are like a fucking means to my next high to me. There is always someone willing to give my brain another visit to outerspace for letting them use my little ones for their sikk and perverted needs. Will I help you? Damn right! Not only have I taught my daughter to be a top notch cock sucker but she is also very well trained in eating her moms cunt too. Her tiny little toungue against my clit when I am zoned out in another world gives me huge climaxes. I don’t give a fuck about her crying, her job is to do exactly what mommy tells her to fucking do. My eyes are on the prize! So bring me a dose of my medicine and have your way with the little sniveling brats!


Cheerleader slut!

by Kara on April 30, 2009

I love being a cheerleader. My team always has the home court advantage with me.

Every time my teams wins a game I make sure I congratulate the boys personally. On the team bus ride home I hop from seat to seat and boy to boy personally thanking them one by one. Some of them just get a sweet kiss on the cheek. Some get to cop a free squeeze of my tits. A few personal favorite boys (the ones with the biggest bulges in their shorts) get the “KARA COCK WHORE”
special blowjob treatment!

Yes, I am a slut and have no problem admitting it. My pussy is always aching to be packed full of cock and my taste buds are always craving the flavor of cum. How about you dial my number so all of my wet horny holes can give you the “winning team” freaky treatment!


Cock loving Ginger

by Ginger on April 27, 2009

I had a great weekend. I was at the bar most of it. The weather was great here. It just drives my urge to want to party. I had a blast drinking and dancing and fucking and sucking. I can never get enough. There is a lot of construction going on in our area there fore there are several HOT hunky men staying at the local motel. That means fresh meat at the bar. So that is why I have been spending all my nights there after work. It has paid off I have had my pick of different cock for the last 6 nights. Last night I even doubled up with two buddies. It was awesome. They are going to be in town for at least another month so I hope to get together with them again. I would really love to get together with the whole Crew. I have not had a good gang bang in sometime. My pussy, ass and mouth could use some multi action. Can you tell I am a cock loving whore? It just feels so damn good. Want to hear about my wild nights at the bar? Give me a call I will give you all the dirty details. Or we can create some of our own. Either way this Hot slutty pussy needs your attention. Let’s do it.


Seattle Freaked Me Good!!!!!!

by Precious on April 26, 2009

Hi fellas let me tell you about a fantasy i had with a very sexxy fuckin white guy!! Damn he was so damn nasty what a horny freak he was. He gave me all of his hard dick and he told me his dick was so fucking hard that the head turned purple while he was talking with me. Hell yeah!!! i liked that we played with some tender young stuff too!!! This is one satisfied black bitch,let me tell you. He got me so fucking wet and horny i had to pull out my toy’s. So listen up white boys if u think you have what it takes to compete with my fantasy man!! Cum on let me see what you’re working with. Oh yeah by the way!!! To my fantasy man you know who you are!! wink, wink,, keep it nasty for your gurl precious okay!!! Cum with u later…Okay


The Real Low Down Dirty Shitt !!!!!

by Tabbi on April 25, 2009

Lets do this the fucking real low-down dirty nasty way no holds barred. So however nasty you think you are, I’m even more fucking nastier than that in fact ten times more. shit what the hell come on bring it on I’m not scared but you on the other hand should be!! I will reach in your tight brown rim and scoop out all your goodies.. Thats right no matter how deep i have to go.

I will get it all every drop of that creamy brown nasty stuff!! Mmm!! Tastes so fucking good. And don’t think for one minute that i will be the only one doing the eating, Shit i will have your ass slurrping my shit hole out too. Oh yeah and you will be tasting my hot golden piss so open wide and feel the rain!! And if by chance you have a little teeny weenie don’t worry i will just laugh at that little pathetic cock. And then i will call over some of my big black nigga men they have those giant anaconda dicks. So be a good little boy and go over in the corner and watch while i fuck those big horse dick niggas!! its so damn funny to me seeing your little wanker trying to get hard, and its still no bigger than my little pinky finger!! Ha,Ha!!! what a joke you are. But don’t worry after i’m done with all that black dick cumming all over me and in me maybe i’ll let you clean me up real good. Yeah i know you like that don’t you? And remember you’re just my bitch ass clean-up boy!! cum get it!!!


Sweet Jessie

by Jessie on April 24, 2009

I look oh so sweet and innocent, don’t I? I have a secret. I am a kinky little slut on the inside. I will do things for you that no girl or woman ever has. I love the sound of your fuck stick banging my tight ass. The feeling of your big cock getting squeezed as you thrust deeper and deeper into him ass and making you shoot a big load makes my little pink pussy just drip.

I love the thought of you stroking your hard throbbing cock in your hand while we are talking. I assure you, I am playing with this tight little pussy too. Just thinking about it makes me all wet and tingly.

I am up for anything that will make that cock of yours rock hard. What’s your pleasure? Extreme age-play? Naughty neighbor? Submissive?

Looking for some mind blowing phone sex? I am the eXXXtreme girl for you!


Young slave looking for Master

by kira on April 22, 2009

Yes Sir! I will do whatever it takes to make you happy sir. My Master being satisfied is my only desire, my whole purpose in being.

Sir I beg of you to please use me as your personal cumslut. My body and soul craves to be used and controlled by you. I am begging Master, pretty please. I need you.

Please do not hold my age against me, I promise I am a very well trained slave. I may be young, but I am always obedient.


Hot Sexy Ginger

by Ginger on April 21, 2009

I want to gang bang you and the rest of the young boys on the block. Come on over to my house and pull out all of those young hot cocks and I will suck them all. I’m a naughty hot milf and I love being the center of attention, the inspiration for your fantasies, the woman you think about when you jerk that young naughty cock.

Thinking about being fucked by all of those teen boys makes me want to cream so hard. Give me a call and be a young sexy fuck for me, pull out that cock and tell me how hot I am. Tell me how much you love an older woman seducing and teasing and using you to get herself off. Don’t fight it or hide it or act shy, I’m going to get you one way or another.

I love how they look when I slide my gorgeous tight mature cunt around them. Hot Milf Ginger is eager to tease and please. I love age play, oral, guided masturbation and oh so much more. Come find out what it’s like to fuck a real woman and not some girl who doesn’t know her tits from her ass.

I know how to work that cock and I’m going to milk you so good baby you’ll never forget it. Call Ginger right now.


Perverted landlord wants my little daughter.

by Krystal on April 20, 2009

My fucking landlord is a sick fucking pervert. Normally i love perverts, but he is really just slimy, kind of like a used car salesman / peepingtom kind of perv.

Last month I was short on my rent and sucked his nasty dick to pay it off. The month before I pissed on the slimy prick for it. Now rent is 9 days past due and if I don’t have the money tomorrow he wants my little daughter to suck his nasty cock for payment. Most of the time I am more than happy to oblige that but really I just want to tell him to take this raggety trailor and shove it up his crusty old ass. Ohhh well guess the little one will just have to do what she has to fuckin do so we arent homeless.