March 2009

Sadistic mommy

by Krystal on March 30, 2009

I give a whole new meaning to the words “twisted” and “demented”. I guarantee you I am probably the raunchiest bitch you could ever dream about ever speaking to.

I don’t have a nurturing bone in my fucking body. I do however possess a taste for nasty and filthy fantasies that are not for the weak at heart. If you like to jack your cock to violent, perverted, evil fucking phone sex then I am the wicked mommy that you need to call. My sadistic imagination will surely drain your balls good.


I am here and working ALL DAY!

by elle on March 28, 2009

Had a little drama in my life last week, I will tell you if you really want to hear. My personal position on drama and gossip….. it makes dicks limp! I hate it! I am ready to pounce on any victim you wanna ravish today. Call me and let’s get mean! Even if it’s only being mean to me! Sinfully Ellyn


He calls from Work with his Cock in Hand

by Ginger on March 27, 2009

When he starts thinking about me at work he gets so hard. He has to sneak away so he can call and stroke his cock. As soon as I pick up the phone I hear his breathing quicken. I can tell he is hard and so turned on. He is needing to stroke and play with me. He is needing that sweet release he says he only gets with me. He makes my pussy so wet just thinking about how I would love for him to drive his cock so deep inside my pussy. So we can Fuck so hard and Cum so hard together. He strokes, I rub and stroke, Oooooh sweet release as we explode together. Until next time M I will be thinking of your Cock and how it makes me so fucking wet.



Naughty Panty slut

by Krystal on March 24, 2009

Now that was a super hot call. My new panty sluts name is Jasmine, and she loves putting on mommys panties and parading around for all of mommys friends. I loved hearing you squeal like a little bitchboy when we took turns spanking you for being such a naughty panty slut.

I also loved the eagerness you showed for being my personal fluffer and sucking a big cock to get it nice and hard and ready for mommy to fuck. You were such a good little pantygirl.


Tell me what to do daddy

by kira on March 22, 2009

He told me to bark like a dog, and then seemed surprise when I barked. He said he didn’t exactly expect me to bark that he was just being funny.

The heart of a true submissive is to do exactly everything I am told. When daddy tells me to bark, I bark. If I am supposed to be spanking myself you will hear the actual smacks. If I am supposed to be pulling my nipple clamps until I scream, daddy you will hear the chains on the clamps and you will hear my screams. I get off on doing exactly what daddy says. Exactly, and everything.


I sold my daughter

by Krystal on March 19, 2009

I had a very hot 2 girl fantasy call tonight with Heather ( tonight and I had a blast. Unfortunately for her I owed my “medicine” dealer a ton of money and he wanted her virgin cunt as payment.

I made her get on her knees and suck his dick but he wasn’t satisfied with the job she was doing so I had to give her a couple hard smacks to her mouth to help her remember how mommy taught her to suck a cock.

After he used up all her tight little pink holes he then made me fuck him because he wasn’t satisfied with her. Stupid little bitch will have to pay when I get her back home for doing a half-assed job.


Ready to Party!

by Krystal on March 16, 2009

I am never awake this early in the morning but I haven’t stopped partying from last night. My supply of “medicine” is dwindling though and I think I will have to put that sweet little thang of mine to work this morning. My dealer has already said he would hook me up if she gives him some morning head. Think whatever the fuck you want to about me, I don’t care. I have accepted my role in life is to be a krackhead, and that is exactly what she will be too.

Anyways, I will be partying all day long so get your “medicine” of choice, pop open the top of a good beer, wrap your hand around your cock and call mommy for some nasty fuckin fun.


HOrny Krack Ho

by Krystal on March 12, 2009

I have my “medicine” and I am ready to get nasty and party. As I am taking my first dose all I can do is laugh at what I did to score tonight.

This old pervert paid me $300 to straddle him in a bathtub and pull my panties to the side and let out a hot stream right on his face. Too funny.

When I get “medicated”, I get horny. So now I am sitting here and my demented brain is taking me through a nasty and dark fantasy land. Yeah I am one twisted bitch, I admit it. I should get a fucking life sentence just for the thoughts running through my brain right now. If you want to party and get disgustingly nasty with me, give me a call.


Submissive young slut Kira

by kira on March 11, 2009

I am a submissive teen slut in search of a very freaky daddy. I am here to do whatever your cock needs or craves. I actually want my daddy to be a bit on the twisted and perverted side. There is nothing that you could possibly want that I wouldn’t do. I can be your accomplice or your victim. I WANT you to use me for your nasty little pleasures.


Bad girl!

by Jessie on March 10, 2009

Naughty girls need to be punished. I must confess I am a very naughty girl. Why don’t you take me over your knee and give me a good hard spanking. You know I deserve it. I walk around teasing you, tormenting you, and then when you come on to me….I shoot you down. Before our playtime is over, my bottom will be bright red. That will teach me a lesson. I would be willing to bet it is just ONE of the many things you could teach me. Give me a call and let me know what the lesson of the day is today.