February 2009

I want to be owned!

by nichole on February 28, 2009

I have spent the last few years exploring the dark side of sexual perversions. Growing up my dominating father taught me I was never to tell him no. I never did. Now that carries over into adulthood. I long to be owned and controlled by a man. I am your sexual puppet. My pain is your pleasure. Being tied down and used over and over for the amusement of men is my desire. I will never tell you no.

I love the feeling of cum everywhere and all my holes being stretched to and beyond their limits. Maybe you would rather grab my hair while a huge cock is slammed down my throat, the harder you fuck my face the more I need to cum. Gag me with your cock while I finger myself until finally you allow me to cum. My orgasm is in your control. Are you my Master?


Accomplice Age-Play calls turn me on!

by Kara on February 25, 2009

I have found a niche that I really enjoy. Being a EXTREME age-play accomplice and helping you nasty guys totally fuck up and demolish tiny little girls. I had a couple of accomplice calls today that have just had me rubbing my pussy all day when I think about them again.

I had one today with a caller from Germany. Foreign voices just absolutely turn me on. Anyways I helped him do some extremely violent and nasty things to a little girl. Hmmmm that was a super hot call.

Then another call today was for a little girl that was even smaller, and that call was just crazy mean and rough. We did some things that were just cruel and unusual . *Evil grin*

I will help make all your dirty and wicked fantasies cum true, and you will love it when you hear my sweet teen voice suddenly turn evil!


Playing with daddy

by Kara on February 22, 2009

Daddy has always liked me to dress up for him. Most of the time he likes me in a little girls nighty or sexy lingerie. Occassionally though he likes me in a costume so we can play some nasty games.

This picture here was taken one day when we played cowgirl and Indians. He was this rough and tough Indian looking for a new squaw and he kidnapped me and forced me to do all kinds of nasty things with him.

It was fun running from daddy through the house while he chased me in his loincloth and his dick swinging where I could see it. I can run faster than him so it took a while for him to catch me. Of course I had to pretend I was fighting him off but I remember thinking I wish he would just hurry up and fuck me quick. Then again I usually am thinking that when me and daddy are playing. What can I say, I am a nasty teen that likes my holes filled. *grins*


So we are trying to, TRYING, to update these blogs, I don’t know if it is sunspots or UV rays or some fucking kind of strange energy, but I have had the IMPULSE to improve on the sites we have rather than build new, cheap sites. I think it makes the QUALITY of our girls better than just QUANTITY. I am a true believer in “This business is recession proof” I know some of the girls and other companies I am friends with have stated “it’s a lil slow” but it’s nothing like what some people are going through. I think we should all remain positive and know for a fact that no matter WHO. WHAT or WHERE you are your gonna jerk it…. and we make it WAY more fun!!!!

Hey I wanna say hi to Frank (congrats on your 3 days) Hi Kim, thanks for the jewelry. Hi to Dewight, my wicked, fun fantasy caller, Hi my cute lil Pollock John. Sexy Pat I am creamy, and have your panties on RIGHT NOW pissing and cumming LMAO. They go in the mail on Sat. lol Sinfully Ellyn


Your obedient teen daughter.

by kira on February 18, 2009

How can I please you daddy?

All I want in life is to be your obedient and submissive little slut. Whatever it is that will make you happy, I will do. When you look at me I want you to be proud of me, that I am your obedient little daughter. That I am willing to please you, and all of your friends. Just ask, and your every wish I will fulfill. I am ready to serve you.


He was a dirty cum slut for me

by Kara on February 18, 2009

I just had a super nasty caller who had his great black vibrators and he was sucking them and fucking them for me. He was gagging on them and spitting on them for me.

We roleplayed that I took him to a party and he was on the floor being used and abused like the nasty little cock whore that he is. Huge cocks jacking their juice all over his face while 2 black cocks rape his mouth and ass.

He was a good little dirty cum slut for me.


Incest Bitch On Board!!!

by Kendall on February 18, 2009

F called tonight and his fantasy was that: we walk in on him, my boyfriend (with the 10 inch cock) and I and he is sticking his cock in our Mom’s mouth. I was like “F! WTF are you doing?” She was passed out drunk on the floor, her skirt was up and you could see her freshly fucked pussy ooooozzzzing cum all on the floor. I said “you sick little fucker, what are you doing with your dick in Mom’s mouth?” He was like “what r u doin home sis?” “you sick little fucker you licked her cunt too?” “NO! She came home full of jizz I was just lookin.” I dais “Get down there and eat that jizz outta her cunt!” I made him eat me, and suck off my boyfriend Brad’s 10 inch cock. He got so fucking worked up he ended up fucking Moms face like a pussy and had his had on her throat, that foamy spit was cummin up and he pinched her nose shut and killed the bitch! After she was out I let my BF fuck her face while F came all up in Mom’s ass. I love our call you perverted little fucker F, your ALMOST as bad as me….. ALMOST!!! Kendall


Alexxx the Kinky Stripper

by Alexxx on February 16, 2009

I’m the girl your momma warned you about! I have a beautiful body and I love to show it off by performing naughty strip teases for men in dark, smoky clubs. Of course, I can tell right away from a lap dance whether or not you can possibly satisfy me. Want to hear a secret? Most men (including you) just don’t measure up! I like ‘em big, thick, and long…mmm…nothing gets me wetter! Protest all you like, but I guarantee that if I make you whip out that nubbin to compare with one of my regular fuck-buddies, you won’t even come close! Wanna try me?



Ass to Mouth Whore

by daisy on February 14, 2009

We have a wonderful site caller and his name begins with a D. He LOVES going ass to mouth, or actually I should say he LOVES making US go ass to mouth, and for his sexy ass we sure don’t mind one fucking bit! His phone voice is very sexy and he lives in a sexy part of the USA and when we fuck he is just down right NASTY! I love it NASTY! A lot of times he will want to fuck one of my daughters ass’s and make me beg to clean him off or vice versa. He is creative we do 2 girl calls where there is just a “whole lotta suckin goin on!”

This morning he wanted just me, even in the fantasy and this is THE sexiest way to fuck him I must confess! I beg to lick his ass, and suck it, then I beg him to slide his big fuckstick deep into my ass (OMFG I came so hard this morning when he fucked my ass )But I think the sexy part is there is a little bit of name calling and humilaition going on, then after he has gaped me and used my ass; I FUCKING BEG to have him cum in MY mouth. I PLEAD for him to skull fuck me so I can taste MY ass on his cock, then be rewarded with his cum. Jesus Christ, I feel so depraved and slutty the entire time I am telling him I will do ANYTHING for that squirt, but I can’t help it… I have been doing him for a few years now, and though we might not talk as often as we once did, it’s way more INTENSE; at least for me I can say. I am not really a submissive but I’m whatever turns my callers on at the moment so fucking D. and submitting is very sexy with him anyway! Thanks D and thanks for the steamy load of cum mixed with my ass juices first thing this morning! KISSES Dirty Mommy Daisy.

I am posting this gang bang with TONS of ass to mouth shots on it…. WARNING it is pretty rough stuff, but those of you that have known me these last 4 years KNOW I don’t fuck around. I am REAL and I am a nasty , dirty, sexy, insatiable, kid selling Mommy. Call Me and “Cum in Mommy!” VIDEO


Fucked Hard On Valentines Day

by Jessie on February 14, 2009

I gave this guy the the purrfect fucking Valentines Day gift! A tight little pussy that is just waiting to get fucked. Well, needless to say he did not keep this teen slut waiting for long.

It started as flirting. All innocent, while i was at the greeting card store this morning. A guy was there trying to find the perfect card for his daughter. He said I reminded him a lot of his daughter and asked my opinion on which card would be better.

I picked one of the cards then told him if he wanted to know just how HAPPY Valentine’s Day could be…to meet me at my apartment. I grabbed his hand and slid it between my thighs then pulled it up so he could feel just how hot and wet my little pussy was for him.

He pulled his hand out, brought it to his mouth and licked it. Then said, he would be there in five minutes.

We had an AMAZING day! Happy FUCKING Valentine’s Day to all my daddies.