January 2009

We can find someone even YOUNGER to fuck.

by daisy on January 11, 2009

I get a lot of TABOO calls guys want to cum to my little girls birthday parties, they want to be the center of attention with all those little pre-teens playing games and opening presents, it’s a hot fantasy and I have no limits so we take it all the way! Playing games, sucking each other off, giving the girlies spankings, fucking you name it. This fantasy NEVER gets old. The one where I have to trade one of my young daughters for rent or drug money is fucking hot too! That makes my pussy wet because that shit REALLY happens! Always after something like that is in the news I get tons of calls, guys wanting to talk about it, or role-play it, hey at least my clients keep it in fantasy!

I got to talk to my boy Nate earlier in the week, he is a crazy mother fucker. I hope he knows I care about him and wasnt preaching. Nate you can tell me to stfu any time you like. I just love you! I card about what happens to you in this life.

All you horny guy’s out there that want to play with Mommy and some little tight young things call me. Im wet and ready to make it devious and just down right WRONG! Love Dirty Mommy Daisy


Nasty, Nasty, Nasty… I LOVED IT!

by Kendall on January 11, 2009

Larry your one of the most fun callers I have, I love the way you IM’d me while you were at work, in a meeting, and visualizing me on the conference table, on the lazy susan, naked. Being turned and tasted, then double teamed; bareback in both holes.

Jesus that was so fucking hot, just how you strung it out made us think about it and get all hot, then we had to wait for an hour or so till your meeting was over. Then you called and we weaved our fantasy roleplay around what just really happened. Your intense and fucking smoking hot!!!! I so dig fucking you! Love Kendall


Hayden and Alexxx’s great Adventure

by Alexxx on January 6, 2009

I just got back from a relaxing vacation in the sun. It was so awesome. I have made several friends here at JRS since I started. And one sexy young thing over on the Purrfectly Sweet site and I got to talking. We decide to run to the beach for a long weekend. Wow are the men out down there. But we didn’t run into any sexy men a first. So we had plenty of time to play poolside until they came along. If you would like to hear about our Sexy, Kinky adventures feel free to give either Hayden or myself a call or maybe both of us. We would love to tell you about how much we enjoyed our mini beach vacation.