December 2008

M called today for a 20 min session that I teased and took an hour from him on. He told me about how he has an addiction to shoes, fine leather pumps to be specific and this really started to turn ME on. I am one of those Women who love shoes, garters, stockings, fine hosiery etc. I am also one of those Women who is very practiced and good at “Tease and Denial.” M called for both, he had been edging himself a good part of the day, he called to play for 20 mins but I would NOT let him cum. I would sit on the chase lounge in MY office while he sat at the top, I took off my skirt and my top, but I left all of my expensive undergarments on, then I put my fine Gucci Black Leather pump up to his face, I made him suck MY shoe,first just the toe of it, then to lick it and worship it. I had my right shoe either on his chest or barely grazing the underside of his full tight balls.

He knows I am SUPERIOR to him and I made him watch ME cum, as I teased him and he watched me masturbate then watch ME get fucked by a Much larger and fatter cock. I used him as a fluffer so this giant cock could please ME again and again. He loved looking at those big wads of juicy cum drip out of My gaping pussy, and the whole time…. I left my shoes on. There was so much more to this call, but all I have left to say here is M these are for you. Love Dr. Dru and MY vast shoe collection LOL.

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