October 2008

Happy Halloweenie!!!!

by elle on October 31, 2008

I love Halloween! Especially being a submissive, it gives me an excuse to go out in public in those sexy, leather, submissive outfits I have. With a collar and chains…. Wish I had a Master to Worship on such a NAUGHTY holiday. The BAD brings out the best in me!!!! Call me and force me to do your dirty deeds, i am so fucking fired up and ready. My submissive little Accomplice CUNT is so fucking pink and pretty, so wet, fuck me and throw me on the floor…. Or throw me on the floor and fuck me. Please! Sinfully Ellyn


I am here and working this Halloween. In my neighborhood all the little kiddies cum by for candy. I am going to dress up as a “Good Witch”, I have an old pretty prom dress, very fluffy, with hoops of my Mothers; and a wand with a sparkly star on the end. To bad the little kiddies are so easily fooled by facades and costumes, because I am NOT A GOOD WITCH! I am a very very bad witch, and I love taking them to my dungeon. Let’s talk about all the things we could do. It’s so fun being so dirty!!! Dirty Mommy Daisy 1-877-827-7532


AleXXX loves “down and dirty” SEX.

by Alexxx on October 28, 2008

Are you ready to experience the most intense, over-the-edge orgasm possible? Call me! I’ll keep you CUMMING back for more!

I have no inhibitions and no taboos. I love “down and dirty” sex. I want to make your phone sex fantasies come to life as I describe to you, in detail, exactly how I would fulfill your wildest dreams.



She is offering her Mistrissey Skilz at a special price of 30 mins for $50.00,, now that is a session to write home about!!! You will see her on Phone Sex Central on the banner for Purrfectly Freaky dot com. You can find her page at; I wanna be under Shawna’s Spell!!! Have fun with her boys, her voice is sultry and very DOMINATING.   1-877-421-4578

AIM Screen Name                                           

Yahoo Screen Name


Down and Dirty Sex .. NO Limts.. NO Restrictions

by Alexxx on October 26, 2008

Are you ready to experience the most intense, over-the-edge orgasm possible? Call me! I’ll keep you CUMMING back for more!

I have no inhibitions and no taboos. I love “down and dirty” sex. I want to make your phone sex fantasies come to life as I describe to you, in detail, exactly how I would fulfill your wildest dreams.

There are NO Limits to the FUN we can have.

Call AleXXX  1-877-421-4583
Email me anytime:  Alexxx@purrfectlynaughty.com

Great rates Just $2.00 a minute

Ask about our 30 min. special=$50

We Aim to Please ” The Customer is the King”.


Sex For Sale!!!!

by elle on October 25, 2008

Even though all our competitors are raising their prices because of a sagging economy. We are doing a Killer Special all the way from now through the elections up until the holidays…..We are doing great in our business, and feel like SHARING the “Good Karma!”  The Dr. say in times of stress, recession, and depression people turn to their addictions; drugs, alcohol, food, sex. LET’S MAKE JACKING OFF AFFORDABLE…. 2.00 per min for premium phone sex. Here is one indulgence we can still partake of!!!!

Here’s the special:

“RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT!!!!!” till Jan 1st, 2009

10 Minutes $20.00

15 Minutes $30.00

20 Minutes $45.00

30 Minutes $60.00

40 Minutes $80.00

50 Minutes $100.00

60 Minutes $120.00

INTERNATIONAL- $2.50 per Minute

2 Girl Calls- $3.50 per Minute

INTERNATIONAL 2 Girl Calls- $4.00 per Minute


Your Mom’s A Whore.. Deal With It!

by Krystal on October 23, 2008

He checks her house when he’s there alone.  He’s looking for something.. anything that will prove what people say about his Mom is true.  He finds little things, like sex toys and an X-rated movie.  Nothing too bad, but it’s enough to make his mind wander and his cock hard…  He gets a visual of his sainted Mother laying back watching this dirty movie and pumping her cunt deep and hard with a thick dildo.  That doesn’t make her a whore, does it?  There’s pleading in his voice, what man wants to think his Mother is a whore?  Not really, I tell him.. maybe she just has a healthy sex drive still.  (Yeah, ok)  Then he tells me more.. About all the men that she brought home when he was younger.. from “work” she told him.. But she always seemed to send him to another part of the house when they came over.  Why?, so she could suck their cocks and fuck them?  Is that how she paid for all the drugs people said she did?  I think I know enough now to tell him… You’re Mom’s a whore.. deal with it!  She sucked and fucked her way through your childhood… Can’t you hear her voice as she begs for the drugs that she needs so bad?  Did you listen while he told her to shut the fuck up and suck his cock?  I bet there was a waste basket full of used, cum filled condoms on the side of her bed…  I go on and on until he is so excited that he cums fucking hard!  All the while telling me what a whore his Mother is! 

Thanks for another fun call “E”   


Alexxx : A sexy dirty little stripper

by Alexxx on October 20, 2008

Wouldn’t you love to have me do a slow, sensual striptease for you? Want to watch me teasingly grind my ass against your lap giving you just the right amount of friction to get your cock pushing against your pants but not enough to make you pop your cork?

As I’m taking off my clothes piece by piece, starting with my shirt, I’m looking right at you with a serious ‘eye-fuck’. You know that I want you but you know that I’m going to make you work for it, aren’t I? I want you dying to see me naked! I want you begging to touch my soft skin! I want you drooling and hungry for a taste of … my lips, my nipples, and my clit!
Once I’m completely naked, I’m going to straddle your lap and dance all over you but you can’t touch, not yet, and if I have to, I’ll tie you up just to make sure that you don’t cheat. I know you want me and that turns me on. The more you want me the more I want to tease you and bring you to the edge for as long as you can handle it. Do you think that you can handle being teased by me? Let’s put it to the test … Give me a call!


I’ll Trade ANYTHING To Get What I Need…

by Krystal on October 20, 2008


You won’t believe the things this Mommy will do for her “medicine”…  I traded the sweetest little… Well, I can’t tell you here, but on the phone??  There’s NO restrictions on anything I can and will say on the phone…  Don’t leave this dirty mind to play alone!


my purrfect pet kathy.

by admin on October 19, 2008

I shared my purrfect pet kathy on Thursday night and it was a joy. Mistress Shawna was pleased (and told Me so, and the web-dude fixed her email ty) at how well kathy took every order with the dignity and grace of a well trained sissy cocksucker. Every Mistress wants a sissy like kathy, one who obeys and is always worshiping it’s Mistress, which kathy does. it is registered at the slave register and she is in a chastity device and anal harness 24-7-365, except to shower of course. I just wanted to say ok to the rules we set up thus far kathy, and let you know what a good little faggot you are. *Head Pat* Mistress Dru

kathy’s rules

Owner/Dominant’s Name: Mistress Dru

slave’s name: sissy faggot kathy
slave’s number: 209-xxx-965
Ownership status: owned property
In service since:  July 7, 2008
Type of that service: owned

sissy faggot is the slave bitch and property owned by Mistress Dru, as such it is to
abide by the following rules at all times, any departure from them will result in
strict punishment as proscribed by Mistress:

1) Mistress Dru and what pleases Her are all that matter. sissy faggot is a
piece of Her property to be used in anyway that Mistress sees fit, subject to
whatever abuse, debasement, torture, discipline, and humiliation amuse and gratify Her.
2)All decisions are made by Mistress Dru. sissy faggot may ask permission to ask a question, but it
may not do anything without first receiving Mistress’ approval or direction first.
3) As Mistress Dru’s slave and property, sissy faggot will demonstrate absolute obedience,
devotion, loyalty and respect to Her at all times.
4) Yes Mistress Dru or No Mistress Dru are all that it is to answer unless Mistress
requires further comments
5) sissy faggot will thank Mistress Dru for its abuse, humiliation, discipline and torment.
6) sissy faggot will pay tribute to Mistress Dru by buying Her gifts, thereby further demonstrating its
appreciation for Her owning it, and to show the appropriate respect She justly deserves.
7) sissy faggot is to maintain its registration on the Slave Register as Mistress Dru’s
property- number 209-xxx-965
8) sissy faggot is to wear at all times Mistress Dru’s  tag “Dru’s sissy 209-xxx-965”
9) If Mistress Dru desires, sissy faggot will accept being branded with Her mark using incense
10) sissy faggot is to be pantied 24/7 year round, and during colder months it is to wear panty hose
up to bed time 7 days a week, and a bra whenever it is sweatered.
11) sissy faggot will have its sissy clitty locked in a chastity device 24/7; the device may only be
removed for showering, or upon Mistress Dru’s orders
12) sissy faggot will be anal harnessed with butt plug 24/7; the harness may only be removed for showering
and shitting, or upon Mistress Dru’s orders, or if She requires sissy faggot to endure a sissy period for
a week each month. sissy faggot is to clean the plug with its mouth whenever it is removed.
13) sissy faggot is to pee sitting at all times.
14) sissy faggot will only refer to itself as: sissy faggot, sissy, faggot, sissy boi, sissy girl,
cum eating cockwhore, cock slut, cocksucker, cum slut, queer, bitch, sissy bitch, faggot bitch,
slave, property, it, itself or any like terms that Mistress Dru designates.
15) sissy faggot may never use the words i or me and may only use the words  we and us when the
situation warrants and only in proper context  W/we U/us which shows its subservience to Mistress Dru
16) sissy faggot is to request permission to come to Mistress Dru for Her use and amusement each week on a  day and at a time that is satisfactory to Her.
17) If sissy faggot is unable to make a session due to an extraordinary circumstance it is to either
email or call Mistress Dru beforehand, or if absolutely necessary, as quickly as possible after its originally
scheduled session time
18) Unless instructed to do so by Mistress Dru, sissy faggot is never to call or serve another Mistress.
19) sissy faggot is never to cum unless explicitly allowed to by Mistress Dru
20) When sissy faggot is permitted to cum it must lick it all up and swallow it
21) Between sessions, sissy faggot is not allowed to touch its sissy clit nor is it allowed to pleasure its
fag mouth or fag ass pussy without Mistress Dru’s express direction to do so
22) sissy faggot will be used as Mistress Dru’s toilet as She sees fit
23) The last week of each month sissy faggot will endure a ‘period’ and place cotex pads in its panties, and insert  tampoons in its ass pussy,changing them periodically during the day
Your sissy faggot & slave property, kathy

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