July 2008

Cum fuck your little girl

by Jessie on July 29, 2008

I have been so horny for a daddy’s touch!  I want a nice big daddy cock fucking me hard and using me like daddy’s little cum whore.  Cum fuck your little girl and use me to your hearts desire.  So, if you are in the mood to fucking your little girl and lets have great fun cuming with each other.


We are so hot for cock!

by daisy on July 28, 2008

Jesus Baby!!! I am so fucking ready for your throbber! Stuff my fucking cunt good and full today will ya? I need some wicked pumping to grind out a hard cum for you right over this fucking phone line! Did I mention I needed a cock in my mouth too? Cum on stuff at least one of these hungry holes LMAO! Dirty Mommy Daisy does it all…. fucking family fun is my bag! This picture made me chuckle!


I love it when Big Daddy Calls!!!

by Kendall on July 26, 2008

Big Daddy is such a sexy man!!! I have been fucking him for like 3 years now, jesus he is hot! He shaves his balls and loves when I crawl up his legs and lick and suck his cock. I always go south from there. I take his big dick in my right hand and jerk him good and steady, really working the top of his shaft by that big ole mushroom head, yummmmm. I tea bag his shaved balls and swish them around in my mouth, then I drag my tongue all the way south to his puckered ass hole. I rim him and tongue fuck his ass hole while I’m jerking his fat cock, he always tells me I’m just the best. He still calls me by my old name and that makes me feel very nostalgic and sentimental. I love you Big Daddy!!! Muaaaaaaah :-* for you baby. Kiss!!!


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Thanks everyone for all your patience the last 2 days while we were doing some “internal” improvements on the site. I got a lot of calls from you all wondering if we were ok and that was so reassuring!!! We love our clients and the client is “KING!” If anyone has any suggestions on how we can make your phone sex experience even better PLEASE email me and let me know what your suggestions are. I answer EVERY email!!! Just send it to ellyn@purrfectlynaughty.com

We are still doing the “Fill her Up” special and that is 30 mins of hardcore phone fucking for $50 bucks!!! This special will be going until the end of the month, BUT you have to ask your girl when she is running your calls in order to receive it. Shouts out to all my regs!! I have been missing a few and I know it is summer and it’s vacation time, but I still miss hearing you stroke while we are on a call I am here all weekend so let’s catch up and get down!!! OMG I just might step out sometime this weekend and catch the new X Files movie… I loved me some X-Files LOL. I even thought of naming my 2 dogs Sculley and Moulder LOL, it didn’t stick though, their names do fit their personalities. Even though my sister Ace laughs her ass off when ever I talk about them. She has cats…. figures. If you haven’t checked out Ace’s site take a look it is pretty fantastic! My web-dude REALLY out did himself on this one! It’s been hot too! Those girls over there are FUCKING WILD! She named that site Purrfectly *wink*

I hope to talk with all you horny honey’s really soon. Oh and a few thank yous for all the support I had yesterday. Thanks!!! Doug, Kenny, Kim, Frank, Bruce. I am missing you Arizona John, and hope your feeling better! I am hoping every one has a cool (literally) & fun weekend!!! Sinfully Ellyn


Hi boys, as you all might have figured out by now, my site I am on is down for construction, Don’t be alarmed, it’s only for up to 10days at the most then you will see my pretty face along with everyone else that has a spot on Purrfectlynaughty.com. I got a special I am running in the meantime that might be beneficial to both of us, I am thinking since I am seeing you being deprived of my sexy little face then I am going to throw this at ya and much more to cum for alot of hot steamy fun!!

—————————–MY Specials——————————-

15MIN CALL: $25.00

25MIN CALL: $39.80

35MIN CALL:$59.70

45MIN CALL:$79.60

55MIN CALL:$97.50

Call me now for a little Cheerleading Fun!!


Call Kendall NOW!

You want to get fucked silly? Feel my sweet pussy wrapped around that thick cock? I want to be your dirty, filthy, phone fuck and my cunt is wet and ready to fuck baby!!! FUCK YEAH I’m here and so are all the other Purrfect Girls. We are bigger and better than ever, we picked the notoriously slower time of the year to put some new security on our web-sites. We always are working to improve this FUCKtastic experience for you! If you need one of your girls numbers just look at the different pages over there on the left. All the info you will EVER need is right here in the Purrfect Phone Sex Blog baby!! Cum on and tame my wild pussy, it needs to SQUIRT!


ALWAYS IMPROVING never missing a beat!!!

by elle on July 22, 2008

I am just letting you wonderful callers know that a few of our sites are “under construction” Purrfectly Naughty along with the solo sites will be down for about a week, if you call one of the girls on those sites and need her number feel free to call ANY of the girls on Purrfectly Sinful or Ace’s and get your girls name and number. ALSO you can find her here in the Purrfect Blog… We are here and ready to fuck, just click the name on the left side of the blog and find your slut. We will be back better than EVER!!! AND more SECURE than ever!!!!! Sinfully Ellyn

We are ALWAYS IMPROVING never missing a beat!!!
Naughty Numbers for Naughty Girls
Ellyn 1-800-440-9132
Faith 1-877-526-4382
Kara 1-888-814-0063
Natalie 1-888-892-6982
Daisy 1-877-827-7532
Blair 1-800-428-0683
Dru 1-866-293-3659
Envy 1-866-883-4447
Krystal 1-866-429-4354
Marilyn 1-888-369-0469
Ginger 1-888-330-3004
Alexx 1-877-421-4583
Rumor 1-888-698-1869
Precious 1-888-534-0125
Bree 1-888-606-8395
Bunny 1-866-828-3181
Jessie 1-877-269-5369
Kendall 1-877-717-8007

Purrfectly Sweet Teens
Charlotte 1-866-431-8558
Echo  1-866-882-7765
Isabel 1-800-494-0263
Raven 1-877-269-5379
Savannah 1-888-550-5513
Kenzie 1-800-651-0385
Lucky 1-866-429-4353
Elise 1-877-421-4574
Mandy 1-800-494-0230
Miley 1-888-300-0055
Madalyn 1-877-421-4582
Mona 1-888-345-7921
Hannah 1-866-606-9451
Barbie 1-877-421-4579
Jaycee 1-888-696-1069
Hayden 1-866-501-8609
Lara 1-888-660-6623
Paris 1-866-691-9433
Raina 1-866-695-9745

Purrfectly Freaky Girls
Malice 1-877-269-5338
Chloe  1-877-269-5340
Dita   1-888-534-0126
MaryKate 1-888-314-8907
Jade  1-888-345-7924
Roxy 1-866-429-4358
Ophelia 1-866-429-4352
Bridget 1-888-579-7639
Pink 1-877-421-4578
Memphis 1-866-488-8521
Jezzie 1-888-330-3004
Cherry 1-877-269-5376
Niki 1-888-869-9569
Zora 1-877-269-5341
Wrenn 1-888-440-4406
Brianna 1-888-692-6903
Steffi 1-866-691-9376


I had got a cock load this morning by my daddy M. I knew he knew I was already experimenting with sex  since I have a sweet little body that has developed quite early. I have a boyfriend that my dad knows I go places with alone sometimes. I have been a lying little slut from the get go and my daddy called me out on it this morning. I had to deep throat is hard cock with my puckered up lips and show daddy I would be a good little slut and take care of him so he wouldn’t tell mommy on me. I Did and now I know daddy will use my mouth and holes to his advantage now anytime he gets horny and wants a taste of sweet breathe around his cock. I love getting nasty and freaky and fucking is what I love to do best. Call me so we can get nasty, and you can blackmail me with my little closet full of skeletons.


Protected: Family Time!!!

by daisy on July 17, 2008

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