March 2008

OMFG This is FUCKING unreal!!!

by elle on March 31, 2008

So my buddy Fred, who has been phone fucking me for a few years now, sent me this link and we watched it together, JESUS! All I can say is… LOOK!!!! I thought I could take a big cock… Jeffrey you are going to fucking LOVE this one too! Jeff is my slut that gets his ass-pussy fucked and gang-banged then he begs for doggie cock, LMAO! He is such a little bare back slut! I been fucking him for like 3 years too LOL. Tell me what you think of this, I know Fred said he was going back to XTube and finding a girl doing it, LMAO! Maybe I should do it for a vid Fred…. 🙂

I just want to say to Ellyns caller Twisty, your seriously fucking SMALL dude!!! Those pix’s cracked my ass up!!!!!

Your Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007


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little dick phone sex LMAO!

by elle on March 31, 2008

Hey everyone! OK so you know me and you KNOW I am submissive right??? Well I do have this one caller Twisty, and he is a twisted bastard! He can only get hard if he is looking at kiddie cunt or even kiddie cock, he is a TOTAL pedo! That is how he found me, he wanted to talk about young pussy and I was the one he called, well we hit it off, he is so fucking funny and he is so “out there” well now I know why….

We talked tonight and he just wants me to “fuck him up” thats what he say’s. I laugh at him and call him names (very bad names) and we laugh our asses off together, then he sent me this. 2 pictures of his tiny cock, this fucking cock is USELESS! It is smaller than a babies, I told him thats why he likes kids… cuz their holes are so small and he might be able to feel something, LMAO! HE had to take his laptop and his kiddie cunt into the bathroom and jerk his ity bity cock tonight, I told him I was putting up these pix, I have NEVER seen a cock this small, NEVER! Check it out! Feel free to comment and tell him how pathetic he is. I am going to put his IM up here to, just to show you what a sick fucking bastard he is! Sinfully Ellyn

twisty: pics are kinda large
ellyn4fetishfun: omfggggggggggggg
twisty: dick is small
ellyn4fetishfun: your cock is the SMALLEST I have EVER seen
twisty: i told you
twisty: lol
twisty: see what i’m dealing with?
ellyn4fetishfun: dear lord
twisty: and i can’t really get hard any more
twisty: so fuck
ellyn4fetishfun: it is a complete waste
ellyn4fetishfun: So small
twisty: oh i know
twisty: really fucked up
ellyn4fetishfun: I dont know how you ever got married
twisty: me either
ellyn4fetishfun: toddler dick! LOL
ellyn4fetishfun: even they get hard tho
ellyn4fetishfun: it is so fucking small
ellyn4fetishfun: imma put it on the blog
ellyn4fetishfun: I have to
ellyn4fetishfun: all the blogs for that matter
ellyn4fetishfun: LOL
twisty: that’s fine
twisty: well now you know why i am the way i am
ellyn4fetishfun: yes
twisty: and why i want to be even more fucked up
ellyn4fetishfun: well you might as well
twisty: i can’t do any normal shit with it
ellyn4fetishfun: and get drunk every fucking night
ellyn4fetishfun: right
ellyn4fetishfun: pedo
ellyn4fetishfun: thats all
twisty: i know
ellyn4fetishfun: it wont even stretch long enough to go in past your wifes pussy lips
ellyn4fetishfun: LOL
twisty: will not
twisty: vacation was a joke
ellyn4fetishfun: i bet
twisty: viagra
ellyn4fetishfun: lololol
twisty3210: levitra
ellyn4fetishfun: that aint gonna make it longer
twisty: stayed that same size
ellyn4fetishfun: LMAO
twisty: soft
ellyn4fetishfun: DEAR GOD
twisty: she sort of rubbed it while i fingered her
ellyn4fetishfun: ewwwww lolol
twisty: no shit
twisty: so now you know what i’m working with
ellyn4fetishfun: absolutely nothing!
ellyn4fetishfun: unbelievable
ellyn4fetishfun: it is amazing, so tiny and shrively, lol.
twisty: so i figure i may as well completely fuck myself up since i can’t do anything else with it
twisty: and I LOVE that you are helping me
twisty3210: and i will gladly pay you to help
ellyn4fetishfun: no problem
ellyn4fetishfun: did you get off on our call earlier?
twisty: no but i’m going into the bathroom shortly
twisty: need something to look at
ellyn4fetishfun: hahahaha
twisty: i sit on the toilet so wife thinks i’m taking a shit i’ll sit on the pot and jack off
twisty: sometimes i pee and shit and cum all together
ellyn4fetishfun: LMAO
twisty: lol
ellyn4fetishfun: YOUR A SICK FUCK
twisty: ty
twisty: I LOVE how you treat me and I need it
twisty: please think of even sicker stuff for me to get into
ellyn4fetishfun: ok
ellyn4fetishfun: can I use the name twisty in my blog
twisty: wish i was there so you could tinkle on me
ellyn4fetishfun: mmmmm
twisty: oh sure
ellyn4fetishfun: ok
twisty: twisty is great
twisty: and that’s me





by Alexxx on March 31, 2008


alexxxr1.jpgI will play a dirty little fun game of strip poker with you, only if you promise to let me do all the stripping. I love getting naked in front hot men with their cocks bulging out of their pants. I will unzip your pants with my teeth, and become the naughtiest little strip poke her girl you have ever had. I want you to be really erotic and slutty with me, Because I am going to be so fucking cum dripping nasty with you. Cum inside my little room of hot tables that are ready to start the high roller bids. My sexy little high class ass is waiting behind the dice for your turn to roll.


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You will cater to my every whim

by Envy on March 31, 2008


envymyeggomore.jpgYou are beneath me, and we both know this right from the start, So let’s get past this and move on. I will have you worshipping the soil that these beautiful feet walk on. I know you understand right off, this is about what I want, and when I want it, and how I will make you give it to me freely. Worshipping me, is not an easy task, but you will do it because you know that I am much more worthy than you. I found you when you was nothing, and now that I have power over you, you have existence on this earth. I will make you understand only once, if you need me, and I dont want you, you will wait. I will only tell you this once, so please make sure you understand before you call, I am not your property, you are mine! if I say no, then you will listen! if you disobey me, and I have to tell you more than once, I will vanish you from underneath me, and you will become the nobody you once were.  Dont test me, because you will only be the one hurting yourself.

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Ready to have some Nasty fun

by Jessie on March 31, 2008


Hey guys my name is Jessie and I’m new to purrfectly naughty!  I am so excited about joining such a hot and nasty group of girls I know I’m going to be having so much fun!!  I want to let all you guys know that I love being a nasty daddy’s girl who will do ANYTHING!  I really love being a sweet, sexy girl with daddy and other hot family fun, but don’t think that is the only thing I like.  I love hot nasty taboo fetish fun, it gets me so hot and excited  I can’t wait to hear all your horny guys exploding on the phone with me!

KinkyCoedJessie – 1-877-269-5369


Naughty Phone Sex!!!

by elle on March 30, 2008

So how about that tittle???? Boring huh? XXXtremely Naughty Phone Sex! better? What about Phone FUCK? XxXtremely Naughty Phone FUCK!!! Or just hey… let’s get our fuck on. 🙂 Can ya tell I’m horny? I am really in the mewd for a good ass beating! I love it when I can get my ass beat! So I just wanted to check in and make sure all you guy’s know you can call or IM and get the blog passwords. Over 1000 of you looked at our blog last week, that is fucking amazing! I get the stats and that many guys looking at our little ole blogs is AWESOME!

So I watched this movie tonight, I am into Vampires, and this movie; 30 Days of Night, had some BAD ass Vampires! Its bloody though… and very dark. I never really get to watch movies, because of the phone, but I watched this one today….. Good times, I also rented No Country for Old Men, imma watch it later it’s 3am now. Phone! Yaaay! GTG Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132





alexxxsp1.jpgI am sexy Alexxx, and looking for some beef for my taco. I flock to a hard meaty pole that loves a good pussy to tighten around and suck out that juice. I want to feel your cock swell up inside my tight hole and prepare yourself for a hard ride that will make you erupt just like you had sex for the first time. I know after one round of hot pumping with me, I will be lingering around in your hottest wet dream! I am waiting for you my sexy little cum ball.

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So many guy’s have called, emailed, IM’d, carrier pigeoned “WHATS the new passwords?????” I would like to just put them right here, I am a “free speech” kinda girl. BUTTTT that would defeat the purpose of even having the passwords, huh… If anybody could just stumble upon our quaint little site here and fall into our raunchy Freak blog or Teen blog, I’m liable to get some pretty hefty therapy bills or even a summons or two. Get the password, however you can get them, then enjoy the dark, deviant, wild side of SiS. We live to be wicked! Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132


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brother/sister — Incest Is Best

by Kara on March 26, 2008

Of course I always want to be the center of attention. I went home for the Easter weekend, and the competition was on with my brother’s new girl friend.

She is just 16, hot as hell, and caught the eyes of everyone, MY Daddy included.

You should have seen the look on her face when she walked in on Me using my Mom’s new studded strap on on my BROTHER, her boyfriend. LMAO…

………… after all she asked for it

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envymyeggohmmm.jpgI am the goddess, that loves a softer romantic type of session, just much more intense and more intoxicating than normal. You will enter my mind lust once I have you under my magic intoxication. You will become enchanted just serving me just by hearing my siren seductive hypnotic voice. I have the voice of an angel, that you will not able to get out of your lustful little mind. I will only do specialized fantasies and only provide you with the personal attention you need to be underneath my wing.I’ll make you my personal little plaything, and I will step into your mind at my whim,Dominitrix, Masturbatrix, Goddess, Temptress, and Mistress will only be the words you will address me by. I will have my soft dominating bottom above you, and will not have it any other way. I have an open path beyond the forest for you to seek, and find the right path to findeth me on the highest  mountain, and their you shall conquer yourself as my personal slave boy.

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