February 2008

She Male Phone SEX!

by Blair on February 24, 2008

So he called and wanted me to take him up to my hotel room, I did. We kissed and I let him fondle my big 38 triple F’s, as he slipped his wet tongue deep down my throat, all in the elevator on the way up. We got to my floor, thankfully my room was right there, we both practically spilled into the room at the same time, he started stripping off his clothes while I made us a nightcap. We sat at the end of the bed kissing and touching, he reached for my tit’s I let him…… He tried to go down south from there and I said; “oh not quite yet big boy!” You know he got a HUGE 9 inch surprise….. If you would like a REAL panty surprise just call me, and ask for Blair……… Sexy She Male Phone Sex at it’s best baby!!!1-888-534-0126



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Fucking the Man-Pussy!!!

by Kendall on February 24, 2008

I am going to pull an Ellyn here and give ya’ll a “site for the week” LOL here it is; THE SITE Wooohoooo FREE porn! I found all kinds of nasty shit on here. My friend Fred whom I’ve known for around 3 years, thats like 7 phonesex years, IM’d me and said “Have you seen this? I gotta link for ya!” I was like “bring it on!”I found a few interesting things I must say!!! (That was a couple hours ago and I am still checking it out, in between calls, it takes me forever to look at anything, thank GOD for Tivo!) So check it out! Lots of good strap-on action here. I love this pic, of the strap-on horse cock, and then this would be the man-pussy I want to fuck, that is unless I can fuck yours Fred….. Filthy Nasty Slut Kendall 1-877-717-8007




I don’t want to tell you or explain to you how naughty I can be, call and find out for yourself!!, I will do more than make your cock shoot a big hot mess allover you and me both. You will begin to sweat from just wondering what naughty things I will come up with next! I love to please and ease the pressure underneath those jeans and boxers. I will make you wish that this type of sexual Indulgent I will put you through will never end. My pussy loves to soak hard boners and allot more I can’t discuss on here. I cant give all my secrets away. Call me and let’s give each other a pleasantly hot and sweaty experience. I am naked and right by alot of windows for a twisted little fantasy I have in mind…… I have lots of neighbors, “Wink” “Wink”!!

Vanilla Pussy;Alexxx1-877-421-4583



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Slut Boy Phone Sex

by Kendall on February 23, 2008


What is up with these sluts today? Is it a Full Moon? Yeah I think it is! These sluts are going NUTS on me. Jamie my fucking Stink Slut…. You are just plain NASTY you little, funk loving, stinky, hoe! Making me try and fart in your face! Don’t you know that girls don’t fart? Wanting to smell my pits and my asshole, your a foul little thang! I keep missing My Jeff, my little dildo and future doggie slut, LOL. He likes to pretend he has a pussy and it’s gaped and just plain used up. He is a used up bareback slut, who is forced to take doggie cock and that’s what makes him nut! I hope to hear from you today, or on Saturday! I know you called when AleXXX had the lines and she is great huh? You horned out sluts! I fucking love it when you call with that throbbing cock (slave tail) and you beg to stroke for me.

I want boytoy to call so I can take the strappy to your little ass-cunt. I had Frosty and then I got busy and had my girls fuck the shit outta him, LOL. He still isn’t walking straight, huh Frosty?!? He is so silly, he wacked his wennie whilst wearing his Mother-N-Laws panties, LOL. He say’s in IM’s “Kendall what do you do when you think your MIL is sexy?” Of course I said “try and fuck her or at least get her to suck you off!” LOLOLOLOL Then call me so we can talk about it! Your Filthy Nasty Whore Kendall 1-877-717-8007                                                                                             24.gif


Blackbird…. ty.

by Dru on February 21, 2008


I want to say thanks to my lover Becca. I have been loving our fuck sessions as of late and I truly appreciate your hard working girl spirit! I love it when you beg for me to grind into your sweet mouth and then I push your face deeper into me. You are the epitome of a insatiable little whore, my whore I’m glad to say. Thanks Becca! Love you Darling! Sincerely Your Dru  1-866-293-3659


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I’m Baaaack!

by elle on February 17, 2008

Call me!

Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132



away for today :(

by elle on February 16, 2008


I gotta run out and see my family, sooooo. I will be back to play on Sunday night 2/17. I KNOW all my friends here at the Purrfect sites will take care of ALL you horny guy’s. Just take a fresh look at the sites… see some new faces… REFRESH your page and make sure they are signed on, LOL. Then call them up and give them a “test fuck” We are doing our “Hump On Us” Special till the end of the month and that is 30 mins of fabulous phone fucking for 49.99…… WHAT a deal! 😉 I miss you already! I will be back to blog again before you miss me. Sinfully Ellyn


My Favorite site this week…


Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132




envyme_1.jpgWow, it’s getting late, and I am running behind on posting you my valentine’s kiss. I know you love boys out there, that fall in love with me because of my looks, is ready to give me a special valentine’s call. So, give me that special call you have been waiting to give me, and I will return give you a special spanking you have been longing for!! I am laying back, and relaxing to get a sweet little call from my little panty and sissy boys!!Special Things Come to those that wait for it!!

         Envy Me Baby;1-866-883-4447