January 2008

Goddess Of Your Wet Dreams

by Envy on January 30, 2008

I’m in your wettest dream you have ever had.The girl by the ocean bar that you would stare at the whole time while drinking your sex on the beach. I saw you staring at me and I know what your dirty little mind was thinking. I know you wanted me from the glare you gave me from your seductive little eyes. Did you see how I was looking back at you? I know I am a sexy goddess and the woman of your dreams, so if you want something bad enough, you will go after it wouldn’t you? You would even beg for it to get that piece of heaven that fell from the sky and not let it go. I am here and a real person and I have real cravings for cock like you have for a gorgeous piece of angelic heaven. Well, come and do your cock a favor and give me a call. I will be waiting for you to meet me on the other side of that bar.

                     Envy: 1-866-883-4447


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18 Or Older To Swim In My Pool!!!

by Alexxx on January 30, 2008

Just take a look at me! It’s quite obvious what I like to do most of all! Of course I love sucking cocks and stripping for one! I may look so innocent but actually I am a naughty girl that’s a pro! I can do a blowjob all night long and will finish with my hands, lips and easy, teasing cunt! Once you’ve tried a piece of me, you will never forget the things I did to you!! My teasing little tongue will have you begging for more. Give me a call, you won’t be disappointed!! Just remember boys, you have to be 18 or older to swim in my pool!!!!!!

Purrfectly Naughty Alexxx 1-877-421-4583


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Kitty Porn

by Blair on January 29, 2008

I adore my cat…. Here is a little porn for the kitty’s out there! Love Blair *wink* (sure I have a pussy) 1-888-534-0126


Is it really January?

by elle on January 28, 2008

We are having a warm spell! It has been like 50 degrees here, all the snow is melted and the dogs have managed to track mud all over the fucking place… My next house…. a cement back yard for nasty weather, I wonderif they could get their smell on there? I am getting ready for taxes, I have been since 1/11 I know… I must be unorganized, I’m not really, I just do it in between phone calls instead of playing in IM’s or watching a movie, or fun things like reading a serial killer book… I will be glad when it’s all over and I know what the damage is. I think no matter what it is it will have been worth it! This last 7 months, on my own has been the best ever in this business! There is stress, and back biting females, and over emotional, dramatic, fights *swoon* (women! all of them I love dearly!) but all-n-all it has been fantastic!

Oh TJ that book is called “The Secret” I have to buy one for a girl so I will get you one too. I do believe in the “law of attraction” hmmmm I just wonder how I can “attract” CLEANER doggies. I will have to meditate on that one. Give it to the “Universal Mind” it will probably say, “hey their dogs, duh what did you expect?” I hope everyone has a wonderful week and happy phone-bonein!!! Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132


Protected: Protected: Incest Phone Sex.

by daisy on January 28, 2008

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Beg For My Goddess High Class Ass

by Envy on January 27, 2008

I can see you peeping at me through the clothes rack at the mall. I am not sure you might be able to handle a sexy goddess like me. I need the attention that my looks deserve!!I am arrogant in a lot of ways, but I love a good cum bath by the right guy. I even like the fact I am the dominator over a sissy cock that is too small to play with, Ha-ha………. I am waiting for you to drop and beg to play with me. Let my high class sexy ass give you an experience you’ve never had before. I am waiting on the other side of the clothes rack that your peeping through, when you feel brave enough to invite me to a nice dinner at your place. Envy love a good begging for my worthiness of my play time.

Envy 1-866-883-4447


Fuck My Naughty Stripping Cunt And Ass…..

by Alexxx on January 26, 2008

Are you boys ready for a real hot and nasty weekend? Look no further boys, come and get some of this action from me!! I will do almost anything and everything that will run through your horny little brain between your legs and ready to satisfy your hunger for a really hot desire. Im not talking about petty sex, I am talking about real hardcore action 1on1!! Let’s get the setting a little more naughty than normal.I wanna take nasty to a whole new dimension!! Don’t be shy, come and play with a real sex pro!! Love your stripping hot momma, Alexxx!!!

Alexxx 1-877-421-4583


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Age-Play Phone Sex!

by elle on January 22, 2008

He IM’s me on yahoo; Wife packing up for trip 🙂 4 day’s alone. me; LOL 🙂 your gonna get your jerk on! Him; Oh yea… with your help…. BIG TIME!!! That’s my friend Tw. he is so funny, we love to look at sites and stuff in IM’s while we talk about young cunt. He cracks me up, actually I don’t even know why I am blogging about him here because I sure can’t tell anyone on the blog wtf we talk about or how our calls go because they are SOOOOO fucking taboo, so EXPLICIT, so FANTASTIC fantasy wise, and we really get into it, plus he has a little, ity, bity, cock so I am sort of mean to him, lmao, he wants me to be! I know “YOUR A SUBMISSIVE!” I am but with him I am a bit of a switch!

I did a really interesting call today, with David. He is older and has a fast ass car, he was in it matter of fact when we did our call this afternoon. He drops his girls off at after school classes, and he waits outside for them. He used to wait for them at the class, inside where the girls were, but then that started to make him hard so he stopped that and waits outside. We talked about all kinds of things from him sniffing his oldest girls dirty panties, (the night she lost her cherry and was out all night fucking her young boyfriend) he took them off the hamper and deeply inhaled, then he licked his fingers. 😉 With that kind of temptation around it would be oh so hard not to partake! Well we talked about all the things that turns him on and I got so wet!!! At the end of our call we talked about a fantasy he had for me, OMFG!

H. called and I missed it 🙁 I miss u and I hope you feel better! Bruce ty for the awesome call! I love when you RAVISH my little pussy! “I will submit to your big beautiful cock!” I love it when you force me and take me against my will! Spank me into submission! I love it! Force me to be you little pig! Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132