December 2007

Hi baby dolls,I am going to be running specials for my friendly cocks in need of a Milking this year.I will be very good to your cock n nutts and will take care of  all cocks that are throbbing.Let me show you my hospitality with myfeet,ass,cunt,mouth,thighs,hands and anything else you can think ofto please your cock to the fullest pleasure possible.Cant wait till the game begins for you and i to take sex to a new dimension.

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Ok so who’s this look like?

by Blair on December 31, 2007


I found this NYE cartoon, and they are not really my style, BUT this one looks just like someone we all know and love! Here it is, LOL. She is so freaky!!! I would HATE to have her pissed at me! Like that could ever happen! I think it looks just like Malice though! Don’t you guy’s? I hope everyone has a rocking good NYE and that we see you ALL back here next year! Happy New Year! Love Blair your Shemale Experience On Steroids, LMAO! 1-888-534-0126




Golden shower Phone Sex.

by elle on December 29, 2007

Sexy Pat…. I love when I am role-playing your daughter or a horny Mommy (like today) and we do the golden showers, and you piss all over me and then I piss on you, baby that is just hot and wet! I do a lot of GS phone sex, and the guy’s know anything goes! There is no limits and we let you piss anywhere! Just this morning a caller S pissed all in my hair, lol. Yum!
I am missing a few of my regular callers, I know they are busy with the holiday’s and stuff but I still miss them! I hope everyone is having a great week, with Christmas on one end and NYE on the other I know it’s been a busy one! I have noticed a lot of the girls have been blogging so enjoy the read’s, I am sure they are very perverted and nasty, I was the one who hired them hehe, so I’m sure they are! I think we gotta great bunch here, and I hope ya’ll enjoy the pussy as much as you can.

I am reading the new Alex Cross Novel, my friend Kenny is supposed to send me a new Author, I am excited, I like when callers reccomend writers to me. I am very easy, and not only in bed, LOL… I mean when it comes to books. I like Serial Killers! High adreline pumping, action packed, heart stopping, page turners! Harlan Coben, Rydley Peirce, Steven King, Dean Koontz, Patterson, and my very favorite author is Anne Rice because Vampires are just the coolest serial killers around!

You know winter is like my favorite season, is there anyone out there that is with me on this? I love fireplaces, cuddling up with a good cup of coffee and a book, snowboarding, the dark…. all kinds of reasons why it’s the best. Plus we get more calls in the winter!!! I think I am in the minority though when it comes to this season being the best so chime in if your with me! I do hope all of you have a wonderful, safe, New Year’s Eve and Day! Thanks you for making 2007 such a memorable, and exciting year for all of us here at SiS! I appreciate everyFUCKINGone of you! Thank you! Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132


Protected: Protected: Happy Nude Rear!!!!

by daisy on December 29, 2007

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Sex In The City

by Envy on December 29, 2007

I am traveling this week and I am now in one of the best cities in the world. I had this picture taken here by a very good photographer, don’t you just love the way it looks? I do. Black and White pictures are gorgeous I think. After he finished he was on his way to another appointment, but I managed to get him to stay, I told him that if he didn’t leave I would make him very very happy. And I did lol. We fucked each other for hours, yes that’s right, I fucked him too, I never travel without my strappy and not once have I been questioned about it at the airport lol. Now here I am, fucked, warm, in a beautiful city, could it be any better?

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I Love Hot Chowder All over My Steamy Body!

by Alexxx on December 29, 2007

This is your girl Alexxx, The one that loves the feel of cock 24/7. I am in the mood for some hot and steamy action with loads of cum being spewed all over my face. I love to have cum in my face and all over my tits. Let me be your sweet bayou you want to fill with a sweet and erotic steamy load of chowder. I love to play and ready when you are

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Hehehehe “SURPRISE” and a big “Panty Surprise” it is huh? How about if for the holiday I hide my candy cane in your little ass cunt? Would you like that bitch? I want to fuck you and then turn around and make you suck the cream outta my cock while I play with my titties! Happy Holiday’s, and remember when you need a dick in ya call me! I will FILL any one of your FUCKING holes!!!! She-Male Blair1-888-534-0126


Santa N Me

by Alexxx on December 27, 2007

I am finally back from living the dream of being fucked by santa on the side of the screen.You would think his mind cap would have made him think right, but once with me he was no where in site.Poor little kids in which Santa was not there,he was at my house prancing around in my new underwear.When i asked him if he was just the slightest bit in doubt, he came to me, picked me up then turned the lights out. Santa was a very bad boy for forgetting whats right, But thats what happens when you stay with me for the night.

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Hey Tony I am so glad you found me on IM’s. I guess it has been at least more than 6 months since I’ve talked to him, he used to call me at the other site and we would have awesome phone sex! I loved talking to Tony because I watch his web-cam and he has a nice fat cock, he is really cute too! I have had my same IM name for the last 2 and a half years LOL, I guess staying stable pays off, 😉 *wink*

So Tony and I used to just mutually masturbate and I would look at his gorgeous cock on cam, but this time since I am on a new site, and I have written a new profile, he wanted me to be his sexy therapist. 🙂 He wanted to tell me about this fantasy he has about his wife. You see Tony has this reoccurring fantasy about watching her take a bunch of cocks! Yes right there in front of him one in each of her little wifely holes. So we talked about her getting gang banged while I was there with him and I was sucking is cock. He watched her sit on a big black dick and then another guy stuffed her cunt full of cock while another one hung her head off the bed and rammed her throat. We got all hot and horny talking about this fantasy, then what pushed Tony over the edge is me between his legs gagging and deep throating his cock and telling him to cum all over my beautiful tit’s right there in front of his wife. So he said “fuck yeah!” and came really nice and hard for me, I saw it all on cam. Thanks love! Call me soon! Here I snapped his pic, with his permission of course. 😉 Dr Dru your sexy Therapist. 1-866-293-3659

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All I want for Christmas is a Good Hard FUCK!

by elle on December 25, 2007

Well I wish Santa would just slide down my chimney and slip his big Santa cock right in my tight little shaved pussy! I just got an email today from a caller whom I REALLY like well actually it is dated 12/24, anyhoo it makes my pussy so fucking wet just to see his words on my screen. I have read it over and over just thinking of how much I would really like to fuck the breath right out of him. Mhmmm. I would love a nice long fuck right now, I have had a few calls today and it has been fun, I am home and kind of relaxing, a bit, for me anyway. 😉 I am blogging to let you all know that I’m here and I’m ready for my Christmas Spanking!!! Sinfully Ellyn, Merry Christmas and I love you VERY much! 1-800-440-9132 LMAO at Santa with a Ball Gag! This is the PURRFECT ornament for my tree! LOLOLOL.