November 2007

Smoldering Glances

by Envy on November 30, 2007

Sometimes there is nothing more sexually explosive then a simple look. That first glance, a smile, a nod of a head. All these can add up to one hot night of flirting and making that person across the room tingle with thoughts of you fucking her later on. There is something to be said about the chase, knowing that someone; a stranger; is thinking nasty and wicked things about you. I love these types of role play, the seduction, the slow and steady game of catching each other’s eyes, or just seducing your best friend’s husband in a crowded place, only to leave him sweaty and panting on the floor after you fuck the hell out of him lol.

Envy – 1-866-883-4447


Golden Showers, Fun For Hours

by Envy on November 29, 2007

I love taking showers. I love giving showers, golden ones to be exact. Nothing says, “Your My Bitch now shit stain!” Then pissing on someone. Letting that sweet yellow ambrosia run down their backs, or better yet, into their gaping open mouth. I once made a little insignificant worm drink the My piss out of some other worm’s asshole. You should of seen the look on his face, it makes me smile just thinking about it. I am off to take a nice hot shower, and if your lucky you may get a nice warm shower from me later *wink*.

Ms. Envy


Ass shot’s 4 CJ..

by Dru on November 26, 2007

So this guy was so fucking cute, he was all revved up and ready to go. HE actually bought his next 2 calls along with the one he purchased today. He asked me “Dru… where can I see more pictures of you?” “I said did you look on the blog?” He went there while I took his info, by the time I was finished taking it he was soooo hard and I gotta say my little pussy was dripping wet, you see I could hear him jacking his cock and it turned me on so much. I knew he was jerking it and looking at my pix so I was way fucking wet for him, THEN he let me hear him jerk it, I put my phone down there and let him hear how wet he made me, we both came really hard, he asked me to put some “ass pictures” up on the blog for him, he wants to look at them when he does his second call tomorrow, *wink* here you go CJ. I know you will enjoy these too Kevin! Licks Dr. Dru 1-866-293-3659


I am back in town but I’m sick :(

by elle on November 25, 2007

I hope all you horny callers want to try out the “new meat” I recommend the girls on every one of the SiS sites!!!! I hired them myself, now back to the bathroom for me.  I miss you all 🙁 sinfully Ellyn


I am grateful for so much!

by elle on November 21, 2007

I have had a really interesting year! I sure do have a lot to be grateful for. Our new site and all of our awesome callers. The new company and the other 2 sites with the blogs. So much has happened. I still feel like maybe the other shoe is going to fall. I guess I will prepare for that IF it happens, we seem to be very resourceful around here. I have a few new girls who have started and they are just awesome!!! I want to introduce everyone to Brooklyn, she is one of our new girls on Purrfectly Sweet. She is so hot, she is a very busy girl with life and clubbing but if you guy’s get a chance when she is marked available, you gotta call and fuck this firecracker!!!! Her blogs are a lot of fun too! I know she will do very well with her sweet young voice and hottie attitude she is a pistol!

I had another girl start who is just lovely, Raina, she is on Purrfectly Sweet also. She is so sexy, and she sounds so sweet!!! All of you need a little variety, someone told me today it’s the spice of life! LOL I’ve heard it before today but I just heard it today too. LOL

Then there is Maci on Purrfectly Sweet also, what a tramp, her story is so fucking nasty!!! She was raised by her Dad a Black business man and he fucked the shit outta her 24/7, now she is a full blown “black cock slut” She also has a special place in her heart and pussy for animals of the four legged kind, if you get my drift. You guy’s need to get to know Echo, she is our resident ghetto booty, she digs all those “white man” fantasies, LOL. I want to welcum the submissive slut Violet as well, what a little pain subbie!!! Call her and fuck her like you hate her! LMAO

We got a Southern Charmer too… Savannah, she is probably the oldest girl on Sweet, she is 24, and so southernly friendly, with that hot body and sexy voice, she will rock your cock that is a promise! I like to introduce all the new girls, I know Malice introduced Cherry, Mistress Pink, and Zora on Purrfectly Freaky already but I would like to welcum them to our team, and tell the guy’s we got an awesome staff here at SiS, and these girls are devoted to customer service and your complete satisfaction! IM or Email them your fantasy, and you will get a reply! Better yet call one of them tonight and get your rocks off long and hard! I don’t want you guy’s to forget some of the oldie but goodie’s here at SiS either, these girls are commended for doing awesome work and being totally sexy; Bree, Envy, Cheryl, Krystal, Bunny, I am grateful for every single girl here at the site and SO grateful for you callers….. We always have to remember if you were not here to call us we wouldn’t even have a site! BIG Thanks to all you callers!!!!!! Happy Holiday! Sinfully Ellyn



Playing Pussy Pool

by Envy on November 20, 2007

I love playing pool, but playing pussy pool is a lot more fun! How do you play? You try to get your balls in my tight little pockets! That’s right, stuffing your balls into my pussy can be spectacular. Not too many people in engage in this type of sexual contact, but I can tell you, you should try it at least once. Just think about how good your dick feels sliding in and out of some ho’s cunt? Nice right? Well imagine that slick, quivering pussy pocket doing the same thing to a part of your sack! Get a little hard thinking about it don’t you? I know I get a little moist thinking about it myself.



My Therapy Miracle Kevin is ADDICTED!

by Dru on November 18, 2007

It’s so cute, he is so addicted to me and the way I tease him. I talked to him and I decided NOT to let him cum for me, he needs discipline and I am a very good teacher. I teased him, made him worship, and taste me. I even put on a metal condom so he couldn’t feel my cunt or it’s warmth and rode him a little bit, then I decided to get up off of him and tell him this session is over. I hung up on him. He waited a few hours and called back pleading me to let him orgasm for me. He told me he turned down REAL pussy from his wife the other day, he thought I would like that, I did… VERY much. She must of been throwing him a pity fuck, she actually is a hot woman but K needs to be DOMINATED and I am his Domme. Of course he called back after I hung up on him and BEGGED me to cum. I made him wait a little bit, and beg a little bit then I let him explode while I laughed at him then hung up on him. You need to call me K and get some more therapy, my office will be closed on Thanksgiving, but I will be back on Friday evening. Have a wonderful holiday to all of you horny patients out there! Dr. Dru 1-866-293-3659


The Queen

by Envy on November 15, 2007

Some days I feel like a Princess, scratch that, I feel like a fucking QUEEN! Today is one of those days, I am Queen, looking down on all the little rutting piggies before me at My boots. Nothing is better then stepping on someone’s less then average cock and stomping it into a nice meaty mush. I was called Evil today, like I didn’t already know I was. HA! Thank you Capt. Obvious for your observation, you opened My eyes, you made Me think about My bitchiness, I shed a tear; I really did; because when he was squirming under my 5 inch heel with his pathetic little ball sack pinned to the floor, I got a spot of blood on My new boots! Now run along and go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself, you dickless ass muncher! Everyone else, have a great evening *laughs*.


Hard Core Whoring is Never Boring!

by Envy on November 14, 2007

Him: Hello? Is this Envy?
Me: Yes.
Him: Is it true you are a slut.
Me: *laughs* No, this is her twin sister the nun, YES I’m a slut!
Him: You sound like you need to be put in your place!
Me: By whom? You?!
Him: Yes me.
Me: Then try it *laughs*
Him: On your Knees Whore!
Me: *purring* Mmmmm, yes SIR!

I love calls like this! Afterall, I am a whore, and I love being one. Men who take control, or try to, just do something for me. But then again, Me taking control of a sniveling little shit pimple is good too LOL. I don’t care what the fantasy is, I will engage in it. Want to fuck your sister’s baby girl? Let me help you! Want to fuck a girl with a crucifix? Show me the way to Jesus! Want me to get on my knees and suck off a willing pup? Sucky sucky scooby-DOO!!! Or…shall I make you do those things? Either or, I don’t care, just as long as I get to exspell my sticky sweet box juice all over someone, or something! *wink*