October 2007

Ghoul Girls Ga Ga 4 Guy Goo……

by elle on October 31, 2007


I Love Tasty Little Trick Or Treaters!

by Krystal on October 31, 2007

Tonight the little darlings will be out in their cute little costumes begging for candy… I’ll do what I do every year… I’ll give out tons of candy in a sexy witch’s costume with a big vibrating dildo plunged deep in my pedophile cunt… Maybe some of my child loving callers will join me and we can pick our next little unsuspecting victims for some HOT phone fantasy!

Krystal’s Nasty Pedophile Cunt: 1866-429-4354


He had sent me this beautiful red Channel suit. I put it on and wore it over to his house to pick up the videos from the last couple of times we were together. I told him Henry was watching Football and I could sneak out, he said cum on in, the vids are downstairs. I followed him down to his basement. I looked around, it made my pussy wet, this is where the second fuck happened, this is where he video taped me doing a gang bang and told me he would tell Henry all about it if I didn’t do exactly what he said. I said “Mr Thomas I gotta go, just give me the video’s and let me get going.” “You fucking whore!” He grabbed me by my blonde hair and threw me on the couch, he made me pull my tit’s out of my red suit, and start pinching my nipples, and squishing my tits together. I started begging Mr. Thomas for his big black cock, he told me to shut the fuck up, and forced my pussy open and shoved his cock deep in my cunt while he told me there is a “surprise” visitor under the sheet on the bed in the back HEARING me beg and plead for his big black 12 inch cock.

I bet you can guess who was under the sheets!!! Oh Henry! BTW Mr. Thomas made me cum 5 fucking times, you never did that Henry!

Insatiably Deviant MILF Daisy


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Spank ity Spanky….. while he Wanks.

by Kendall on October 26, 2007

Mike and I have the most fun, he is my second spank fetish caller I have had is recent weeks, I miss you Ken! *wink* Mike and I went carousing on the internet and found some hot sites, we talked about how old I was when my Mommy and Daddy used to spank me. I used my paddle on my ass for him and then he came like a crazy man!!!!! I love talking about all those dirty spankings I got as a kid Mike, I hope to talk with you really soon hunny, hope you liked that site I sent you in the email *wink* Heres a pic I thought you would enjoy, her little red ass is so spankable. LOL Your Filthy Little Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007



by elle on October 23, 2007


Usually we are “other” people when we do calls. (ROLE-PLAY) I am usually some character in a role-play,  who is close to my personality, and has my voice, LOL, but is a little bit removed from actually being me. I have to say with this caller I was really me. He wanted to be with me this time.  It is so real. I cum so intense, and am lost in lust when I speak with him. Have you ever just heard a person’s voice on the phone and it made your dick twitch? I hope I am that person for you, because you are that person to me. Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132


Protected: Protected: Submissive Mommy.

by daisy on October 19, 2007

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I’m In The Mood To Make A Deal….

by Krystal on October 18, 2007

I’m in a sharing mood.. I’m also dying to get high and all I have to offer you is what’s coloring in the back bedroom.. Do you have anything interesting to trade?? Call me and we’ll negotiate..Purrfectly Nasty Mommy Krystal: 1866-429-4354


Mr Thomas’s email….

by daisy on October 16, 2007

OMG he has 12 inches of HUGE BLACK COCK!!! My husband Henry only has 5″ so after the last time with Mr. Thomas I told Henry I wouldn’t go back for more but I had to… I needed to, you see once you get it from Mr. Thomas nothing else will do. Here is the email he sent me. Thank you Mr Thomas I hope you enjoyed your pictures. Love your horny size queen Dirty Daisy. 😉 1-877-827-7532


You got FUCKED didn’t you bitch. You got your arms tied straight behind you and then all your holes were stretched out by my 12″ of thick black cock. You got FUCKED until your cunt was a steamy wet mess. You got FUCKED and begged for more.You got FUCKED and came over and over again moaning and screaming,out of your mind.You got FUCKED…..and now your ashamed of yourself. To be completely controlled and used like a whore well that’s just not like you. You tell yourself it won’t happen again, you won’t be Mr. Thomas’ submissive slut but your pussy is getting wet just thinking about how you got FUCKED, And why did you e-mail Mr. Thomas those sexy pictures of Daisy in her lacy undergarments as soon as you got home last night? Oh well your never going back….but your pussy aches and you got FUCKED!!!!!  Mr Thomas.


Here’s one happy Visa paying client, yes I am still on a rampage, but it has been a creative one for the calls… huh guys? OMG I am soooo excited Dr. Dan is going to phone me tonight yaay.  Sinfully Ellyn

Hello Ellyn,

Looks like you had a rough day dealing with MasterCard (Half their executives probably call phone sex sites any ways) the bastards. So hopefully to make you smile 🙂 I attached this picture.

I had fun Sunday night (as always) with you. Maybe next time I will drag you into one of the photo shoot studios and have them take our pictures as I force you into doing stuff you don’t want to do.


“Your a Good Bitch!”

by Envy on October 12, 2007

That’s what he says to me. He has been my caller for like 2 years. I tell him he is getting more and more perverted as time goes by. I tell him I have planned it that way, to posses him mind, body, and soul. I will drain him completely. I think P actually likes the idea of me having “CONTROL” over his orgasm. He knows I will say some of the sickest shit, anything I think will work, whatever it takes to make him cum. He is my pet now, over time I have gotten him used to cumming to my voice and he needs me to nut. I am taking over his sex life, I am infiltrating his financial life, I tell him soon I will be calling his office and making him get a hard-on in the middle of the day. I will call him and force him to spend the money to do a long call with me. When we are on the line he always says “your a good bitch aren’t you?” of course I am. He gave me a compliment today, telling me I was a fantastic phone sex operator, which is a compliment, especially cumming from him because he has been through quite a few. P I love taking you to the extreme, dark, deviant side. I love to tease you and most of all I love to make you cum. But….. you have to be a good boy for that. Now run along and buy me some presents, then I will think about picking up the phone when you call. Envy- Don’t Hate! 1-888-314-8907

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