September 2007

My Blonde Joke.

by Blair on September 29, 2007

A blind man wanders into an all girls biker bar by mistake.

He finds his way to a bar stool and orders some coffee.

After sitting there for awhile, he yells to the waiter, “Hey, you wanna hear a blonde joke?”

The bar immediately falls absolutely silent. In a very deep, husky voice, the woman next to him says, “Before you tell that joke, sir, I think it is only fair — given that you are blind — that you should know five things:

  1. The bartender is a blonde girl with a baseball bat.
  2. The bouncer is a blonde girl.
  3. I’m a 6 foot tall, 175 lb. Blonde woman with a black belt in karate.
  4. The woman sitting next to me is blonde and a professional weightlifter.
  5. The lady to your right is blonde and a professional wrestler. Now, think about it seriously, Mister. Do you still wanna tell that joke?”

The blind man thinks for a second, shakes his head, and mutters, “No… Not if I’m gonna have to explain it five times.”

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Thanks everyone for such an awesome B-day!

by elle on September 29, 2007

I had a great time on my birthday, I love celebrating with all of my callers. Kim, Pat, Dr. Dan, everyone called and wished me a good day, like Kenny, and J. I am so grateful to have all of you in my life! Thanks for all the great presents too! I have to say I am having a great time these day’s. The sites are doing very well and we are going to be launching a new teen site this October, purrfectly sweet. It has allot of teen honey’s on it and a new COED sweet blog! I am very hyped about this, these young barely legal teens have so much energy! They are wet and ready to play!!! Make sure you guy’s call them and see how purrfectly sweet they REALLY ARE! Thanks again everyone for being such loyal customers and patronizing our phonesex site. We know you have a million choices out there and we are VERY grateful you choose us to nut with!!!! Reminds me of a Beatles Tune; “I get by with a little help from my friends!” Everyone enjoy your weekend and remember we are just a phone call away, Love and respect! Sinfully Ellyn


Dirty Boy’s!!!!!

by Kendall on September 29, 2007

We are so deviant and just plain wrong! I suggested to Ellyn that the girls from our sister site, Purrfectly Freaky, blog over here a few times and we can blog over there a few times. I think it would be awesome to cross blog, LMAO. She said for me to blog my site and then blog my personal blog a little more and maybe she would take blogging tips from me then, LOL. I do know however that we will have a COMPANY blog site cumming soon called Purrfect Phonesex dot com. It will be a blog for all the SiS sites to mix it up and keep these horny guy’s reading, hehe.

I need to say hi to Frosty, I haven’t talked with him even in Im’s in a while, I hope you are good Frosty! I want to say hi to my little slut Jeffrey, he is a little bareback whore who loves to take cock after cock in his stretched out used up pussy hole, I love finally bringing in the horse or doggie cock and making you explode Jeffrey! I wanna say hi to Fred too, I haven’t spoken to you in a while Fred and you called and got so fucking nasty with me tonight! Yummy honey, he is my perverted equal I swear! Love me some Freddy!!!!!! Hiya BoyToy, I love all those new dildo’s you got to play with which reminds me I have a newer pic of BoyToy’s cock collection LOL, call me!!!! Ok guy’s back to phone bonein, talk with you all soon I hope! Oh I told a guy I would post a couple of “dead face” pixs of me so here it is . Love Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007


2 COCKS R better than 1 !

by Envy on September 26, 2007

He asked me what turned me on, I told him allot of fucking things, I like it dirty! I am an escort in Every Day Life so I need it spicy! He gave it to me thata way to, jesus his cock got so fucking hard just watching me strip, I went play by play on what I was taking off and how I was doing it for him. He said he would do ANYTHING for some of this pussy, I said “good because I want to do a threesome” he was like “right ON baby!” that’s when I said “no! With another cock you little slut! And if you want this pussy you will show me how much you want it” I had a dick in my mouth and one in my ass, it felt so fucking awesome, I took my mouth off that guys hard dick and told B to suck his cock, he got his face down there and we both sucked him, it was fucking hot!!! Then B guided him into my cunt doggie style, he got in front of me and I deep throated his cock until I gagged on it, we all came at the same time, it was such a dirty, fanFUCKINGtastic time!!!!!!!! ty B!!!! Envy



by Envy on September 19, 2007

That is my favorite Beatles tune, this movie is getting bad reviews but I like musicals as much as any gay man and I will go and check it out! I loved “Moulan Rouge“, “Evita“, “Sgt. Peppers“, “Tommy“, “Phantom of the Opera” all kinds of different types of music and movies. It is really hard to pick one Beatles song out of all of those great tunes. “Something” is the one I end up humming and thinking about when I think of the Beatles. “Oh! Darling” now that one will get stuck in my head. I have it on my iPhone as well and it will come up while I am shopping or in my car and I sing it at the top of my lungs (which is very funny btw while standing in line at Target, LOL, yes I shop at Target, all the hotties do!) Then I think OMG “Strawberry Fields Forever….. “So just one favorite? I’m glad Ellyn said we could pick as many as we want, I have downloaded the “Across The Universe” Soundtrack, and it rocks. This dude Jim Sturgess is very cute!!!! I am guessing his name is Jude in the movie, anyway he sounds allot like Ewen McGregor in “Moulan Rouge” to me anyway. The titles song is awesome too, “across the universe” I have this on my iPhone done by Rufus Wrainwright, he does a wonderful rendition of it as well as Jim Sturgess did for the movie. I need to get to the gym so I’ll holla. Envy- Don’t Hate 1-888-314-8907


“Across The Universe”

by elle on September 18, 2007

Well I am listening to it on my iTunes 🙂 I am a wicked Beatles fan and the Movie “Across The Universe” will be coming out soon and they have released the soundtrack on iTunes. Now I have stayed away from allot of Beatles “Cover” songs, they did it purrfect the first time right? This CD however is very good! No Con’s Plus one HUGE PRO…… Bono *swoon* does 2 songs, wheew. Oh and the song “Come Together” done by Joe Cocker purrrrrrfectly. He is really a strange guy but he has allot of soul! So my iPhone is filling up fast! I was supposed to get this phone for my birthday, which is next week, but I got it early, *winks* from a WONDERFUL, secret admirer. TY PUNKIN 😉

So… I can’t wait for the movie…. Yes “B” (my friend who always asks me what I’ve seen at the show lately, and I say I can’t go I’m to busy working, LOL) I am tearing myself away from the job long enough to see this movie thats a FACT! Wish all of you could cum with me and see it LOL. The girl from the movie “Running With Siccors” Evan Rachel Wood is in it and she has a kind of “country music” quality to her voice. Didja hear that frankie? (my country music listening friend) but the song “If I Fell” it doesn’t sound country, it sounds really good, LOL, it reminds me of a broadway musical (was this a broadway musical? LMAO I am so blonde!) I’m glad you guy’s don’t seriously cum to me for music and movie reviews, but for sex…… Now if Sex was a broadway musical I would know abut it! Kisses and to all of you fellow Beatles fans, I want to know what is your FAVORITE Beatles song, if you can’t just pick one then name a few, tell me in the comments I’m dying to know! Sinfully Ellyn 1-800-440-9132


surfing and sharing naughty pix’s.

by Kendall on September 17, 2007

I have a few regular callers that love to surf the internet with me. We do allot of cool shit like watch porn look at the kiddies, check out naughty sites, even search for spankable asses, btw I miss you Ken, LOL. I got my new paddle in the mail and I am waiting for you to call so we can try it out! 🙂 Here is an email from a satisfied caller I got this morning;

Hey, this is Brian. Had a great time talking to you yesterday (always do).

I can’t call now so I figured I’d write to see if you wouldn’t mind sharing some more pics like the ones you sent me yesterday. They are amazing.

If not, I understand, just figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Hope you’re doing well.

Talk to you soon,

So of course I sent him some naughty email and pleased his big pedo cock in the mean time. 😉 I just love to talk to hot guy’s on the phone and surf the internet. I am going to post one of our sites favorite porn sites here for all of you horny guy’s to check out. Max Hardcore site This is a who I personally LOVE!!!!! I know allot of my callers also love him and this site you can actually use with your Porn Pay PreView membership (same company) All you horny honey’s out there in telephone sex land need to call me and fuck me, I really need your cock in my mouth!!!!! Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007


I always make my husband watch and wait on us while I entertain and fuck my boyfriend. The other day was my boyfriend’s birthday and I wanted to give him something very special. As usual my husband had readied the room for us and was sitting in the chair in the bedroom. I like him there close and watching so he is constantly reminded of how a real man fucks a woman. Sometimes I talk to him while I’m being fucked, reminding him of how inadequate he is. I’m sure he knows, but I enjoy reminding him and hey, it’s all about me anyway, right? This night I dressed our little girl up all sexy and slutty. I wanted to give her to my boyfriend as a birthday gift while my husband watched in disbelief. She sat on his lap and wiggled and giggled while my boyfriend got hard as a rock. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me hot as hell to watch! Especially knowing how much my husband hated it. I made my husband put his chair right in front of my boyfriend and our daughter. My boyfriend (who was dying to cum by this point) stuck his cock between my little one’s legs and used her soft, hot thighs to jerk his cock off. When he came, his huge load shot all over my husband’s face! I took my daughter and put her on my husband’s lap and made her scoop all the cum off of his face and feed it to her father. He’s useless anyway, so he might as well be a cum dump, right??

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Cunt Worship

by Blair on September 15, 2007


J called last night and bent down and worshiped my cunt for an hour. He likes to follow me to the bathroom and be my toilet and my toilet paper if you get my drift. I know your thinking “cunt worship?” on a SHEMALE? Yes my ass-cunt Einstein. LOL I got allot of guy’s who just love my tight little ass-pussy. I got this new admirer, he wants to do EVERYTHING together. I told him I had to back off a bit, I don’t have the time between my own time and my phonesex callers time to even breathe much less “NURTURE” a new relationship. I love to be a guy’s girlfriend, but it takes time and effort and my time is so sparse. I need to hear from my “big dicked lover” Russ.

Shaun you have got the MOST incredible edible cock, this guy strokes on cam for me and he has 13 inches of nice, young, dick. I will throw his “dick pic” up. I am just cross eyed while watching my monitor and he is stroking one off, damn baby you got it going on! Hi to all you other delicious men, and gimmie a ring, you know my pretty shaved cock is rock hard for you. Blair



Fat Fetish

by Dru on September 13, 2007

He had a fetish for fat. He wanted me to pretend I had 500 lbs of fleshy fat on my body, my fatty mass would wiggle and jiggle while he fucked all of my big fat rolls, LOL. Sliding his dick in between my roll on my tummy, pushing his cock head in deep. Fucking my blubber. I laughed at him and called him a fatty lover, and a pathetic fat loving faggot. He loved it! Jim I found this pic for you and I think it will make you nut like crazy. You know I love ANY fetish, Taboo, Role-play, let’s talk about it while we fuck each other over the phone. Dr Dru helping you live out your fantasies one call at a time.