June 2007

Princess Envy

by Envy on June 30, 2007

I am a spoiled Princess, I get what I want and I know how to get it. Ever since I was a little girl I have had Daddy wrapped around my little finger. As I was growing up I was sent to boarding school, to learn the best of everything, including fucking. My teachers were amazed at my learning capabilities; I excelled in every subject, especially fucking *wink* I was the teachers pet. Now with my toll free number I can fuck anytime I wish. Let me warn you though I am fast, smart, and very slippery. So if youโ€™re weak in anyway, I will take advantage of those weaknesses, if I even get a whiff of cowardness, I will prod and poke until I find what Iโ€™m looking for. One of the things I like about men is in fact, their weakness for the opposite sex. Your weak for me aren’t you? Call me now and I MIGHT let you stroke for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰


He asked me to be his NEW Mistress…

by Kendall on June 29, 2007

I wonder if he is serious? He has had the same Mistress for a long time. She still does phone so I wonder why he wants to switch to Me? I told him he probably isn’t ready for the challenge of being My slutty little pet. He would have to prepare him self for allot of sexy calls and I can be VERY addictive, I told him “just like crack, you will end up sucking a cock for Me” lolololol I could feel him blush and he said “that is so fucking sexy.” I said “you are not allowed to touch and stroke unless I say you can” He loved this kind of attention, I MADE him call Me and do a call, I let him worship My pussy and tit’s, he of course serviced Me first then I allowed him to stroke off for Me. God times slut cumpiggy, I expect to hear from you again really soon. Your Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall.


ENVY- Don’t Hate~~!

by Envy on June 26, 2007

I’m not your typical woman, but I think you already know that and that’s why you’re here. I have a ferocious appetite for sex, just like you, my sexual confidence, and veracious sex drive are comparable to any man’s. I am one slut that can keep up with all of you horny studs out there, and still want more. I am a vivacious vixen, that’s why I’m here on Purrfectly Naughty Phone Sex. I’m the kind of girl you drool over, the one who seems to have the power to invade your every thought, the girl you crave but is out of your league, we both know it; you would sell your soul to fuck a girl like me, wouldn’t you? I love to fuck hot, horny, guy’s, and I love to phone fuck, holding that phone receiver right up to my juicy cunt hole, letting you hear me finger bang it while we CHAT, while you tell me all the Nasty perverted things you want to do to all my holes. I think phone sex is an excellent way to cum, I do it full time now, I can’t get enough. When I hear a horny cock on the other end of the phone it makes this sweet, little pussy twitch, and cream. I am the perfect drug, and always readily available to make you high with cum inducing endorphins, and I’m only a phone CALL away, this dirty, horny, taboo vixen is capable of being your latest obsession. Envy- Don’t Hate! 1-888-314-8907


He has a sweet southern accent.

by Blair on June 26, 2007

He has a sweet southern accent and he is my new little bitch. He is so polite saying yes Mame, and thank you Mame. I was thrilled to have him serve me, he sucked cock so fucking good, yum yum Scott, you are just so yummy. I loved it the way he squeezed his ass pipe around my big beautiful pink cock, he laid on his back so my huge tit’s were right in his face, I jerked him a little while I pushed deep inside his ass-pussy. He was so fucking tight, he had never had a dick in his ass before. I popped his anal cherry, and he sucked my tit’s and thrusted back on my cock begging me to fuck him harder. I started to cum so I pulled out and mounted his face, he opened his mouth and I throat fucked him and shot deep in his throat, he was jerking frantically and he shot his jizz all over my big tit’s, I made him lick them clean and he loved it. I had so much fun fucking you like a little bitch Scott, call me again country boy ;). It’s Better With Blaine 1-877-769-5239


Time for a little spankie.

by daisy on June 26, 2007

I had the nicest caller today, hey Ken. He was so fun we went to one of Ken’s favorite sites, link. it was so fun to browse through the blog with Ken. We looked at all the sweet little bottoms on the blog and at the paddles they used to spank the girls. I just loved looking and talking with Ken about spankings. He is just into it and his excitement about a good little ass to spank was very contagious. I had a fun time looking at the pictures while talking with Ken on the phone about how red those little bottoms would get when we spanked them *giggles*! I saved this picture it is in the artist’s gallery, and it really made me wet, lolol. Thanks Ken I hope to talk with you soon, I always have to spank those little bad girls of mine, you can bet I will be thinking of you next time I do it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Dirty Mommy Daisy


Secrets Revealed.

by Kendall on June 25, 2007

I love talking about the taboo and unusual. I love getting straight fucked too, but some days I need it XXXtra kinky to cum nice and hard. I had this guy yesterday who was so fucking sexy, makes me wish my friend Micheal would call, he loves to hear about my nasty calls. So this guy was so turned on he told me he used to date a phone sex girl, and that made me giggle, he said she would ride his dick or his face when she was on a call, personally Micheal and I have that same fantasy. He would be down here licking and sucking my juicy cunt while I talk on the phone to my sexy phone lover, mmmmmmmm. I would cum over and over again with Micheal’s face buried deep in my pussy or his cock stuck straight up my little pink twat hole. I love to fantasize and have phone sex, it makes me cum so fucking hard, I gotta go time to touch myself, giggles. Kinky Kendall Your Filthy Nasty Switch!


Toy’s & Boy’s gotta love em!

by elle on June 25, 2007

Mhmmmm I just got off a super sexy call with my phone lover K., he asked “Ellyn do you ever use toy’s when we talk?” “Well yeah I sure do…..” some of you guy’s can hear the vibe in the background, lmao. I used nipple clamps and lube, and a huge 10 inch vibe dildo when I fucked K. just a little bit ago, we had so much fun. I made sure he could hear me ripping off the clamps and choking on the cock I just took out of my wet little pussy, he had me so fired up I came twice, mmmmmm. I pushed my finger in my ass while I pumped that dong in and out of my cunt hole for him, he loved it. Then when he flipped me over and fucked my ass I put the vibe on my clit and squeezed his cock so fucking hard with my intense orgasm. I love toy’s and I really enjoy playing with them while I am on a call with you. If you can’t hear me playing with them tell me so I can make sure you can hear it!!! I hope it’s not because these doggies are acting crazy in the background! Grrrrrrrrr I am putting them out, call me I’m ready to go again! Sinfully Elle


Like a needle needs a vein….

by Envy on June 25, 2007

I’m your obsession, you think about me when you lay your head down at night to go to sleep, your cock gets so hard and starts to throb. You wake with thoughts of me in your mind, and that hard cock in your shorts, In a perfect world you would get to fuck a girl like me, hahaha but this world is so “Not Perfect!”. Im that little cheerleader at your high school who drove you nut’s,who never even noticed that you were alive. Im that hottie at your office who dresses way to seductively for work, short skirts and fuck me pumps, you know I’m just daring enough to wear a garter belt and thong under this expensive power suit, what you wouldn’t give to just have a little peek. I would never show you, you are to pathetic and whiny to ever earn your chance with a girl like me, your way outta your league buddy.

Some of you would love to TAKE this pussy huh? I represent a real challenge,you would love to take an uppity bitch like me and force your fat cock deepin my little wet slit, show me who is really the boss, give me that hard hot fucking I really deserve. You would bruise my pride and inflated ego a little, anyone can ravish a whimpering, meek, little, subbie, I can see where I would represent a real challenge.

I think the calls I do adore are those pathetic, sissy’s with those little tiny cock and ball bit’s, calling me to put them in their pathetic, tiny, place. Under my thumb, you can cum and worship me but you will pay for the privilege, so get out that wallet and dial those digits, guy’s like you would never be able to cum for free!!!!! lolol ENVY-Don’t Hate


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She Male Step Mom.

by Blair on June 25, 2007

I am his Step mom, his Daddy is long gone, he is 15 and loves to stare at Mommy’s big, luscious tit’s.(fantasy) He stares at Mommy’s tit’s and jacks off constantly thinking about my huge mam’s and hard pink nipples. I have seen him exit the shower and noticed his big teen bulge in that tiny towel, so I entice him with even more revealing tops and nighties. He gets so hard,
I know he has to run to his room and jerk off at least 3 or 4 times a day. I hear him in his room, so one day I just walk in and catch him drying off with his towel. I am standing at his doorway in a white see through long robe with some fur around the neckline to accentuate my beautiful cleavage. I clear my throat, he turns around showing me his big teenage cock. I can’t
believe how big it is, dayum. I walk towards him and loosen up my robe at the top so he can see my pink nipples, I watch his cock grow. I reach out and tell him “your snowed in and off school this week , Mommy is going to be your teacher honey, your sex ed teacher.” He looks confused so I explain that Mommy is going to teach him how to FUCK. I push his head between my tit’s
and make him suck my nipples,mmmh, he does a great job, and Mommy’s cock is getting really hard. I push him onto the bed and take his hard dick in between my huge tit’s, I squeeze them together on his shaft and start to pump them up and down on his hard on. I lick and tease his head, he is squirming and can’t hardly hold back. I tell him to let it go and he shoots ropes of sticky, sweet Cum on my tit’s and face, he watches me lick it all up. I smile and stand up, I let my robe fall to the floor, and show him my 8
inch cock, he is surprised, he had no idea his step mom was a Tranny. I open his mouth with my fingers and slide my cock deep down his throat. “It’s time for your education to begin” He smiles and gulps down my hard dick, licking and sucking it until I feed him loads of my Cum. Thanks baby Mommy really needed that! Blaine the She Mistress of your DREAMS.